Showcase Overview 2018

Check below for our jury-selected Showcase artists, who will perform at Classical:NEXT 2018. This also includes our Club Showcases, together with resident Classical:NEXT DJs.

Take a look at our Jury page to find out more about the jury that curated the 2018 Showcases.

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"Very honored to be included in the Classical:NEXT 2018 Showcase, a conference that I have long admired from afar and am looking forward to experiencing up close."

Molly Joyce, showcase artist

Showcases A-Z

B3: Brouwer Trio, by Contra Vent i FustaPhoto: Contra Vent i Fusta

B3: Brouwer Trio (Spain)






Belle Chen, by Burke TurnerPhoto: Burke Turner

Belle Chen (Australia/United Kingdom)




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Cuarteto Q-Arte, by Nicolas CaballeroPhoto: Nicolas Caballero

Cuarteto Q-Arte (Colombia)






Derek Gripper, by Simon AtwellPhoto: Simon Atwellt

Derek Gripper (South Africa)




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Edge Ensemble, by Alex SchroderPhoto: Alex Schroder

Edge Ensemble (the Netherlands)






Fundament, by Bruno BollaertPhoto: Bruno Bollaert







Kirill Richter, by Igor KlepnevPhoto: Igor Klepnev

Kirill Richter (Russian Federation)






PEP Piano and Erhu Project, by Jennifer ZhaoPhoto: Jennifer Zhao

PEP (Piano and Erhu Project) (Canada)




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Roomful of Teeth, by Bonica AyalaPhoto: Bonica Ayala

Roomful of Teeth (USA)

Performing as the final Showcase at the Closing ceremony.

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"Thrilled to be selected for the Showcase with „VEIN plays Ravel“!! We feel very honored and really look forward to participate at ClassicalNEXT 2018 and to meet a lot of interesting people from all round the world!"

Florian Arbenz, VEIN, showcase artist

Club Showcases

These late-night showcases together with the Classical:NEXT DJs offer the chance to see outstanding NEXT artists perform in Rotterdam clubs in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere The Club Showcases will take place in WORM.


Abraham Brody + Sebastian Vinther, by Oleg SkrindaPhoto: Oleg Skrinda

Abraham Brody + Sebastian Vinther (Lithuania)




John Kameel Farah, by Markus WernerPhoto: Markus Werner

John Kameel Farah (Canada/Germany)






Molly Joyce, by Sarah MidkiffPhoto: Sarah Midkiff

Molly Joyce (United States)






VEIN by Daniel InfangerPhoto: Daniel Infanger

VEIN plays Ravel (Switzerland)




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"I am very excited to perform at Classical Next 2018. It is the only event of its kind and I look forward to sharing my work and roots there, as well meeting many other presenters and artists."

Abraham Brody, showcase artist

Club DJs

Eleanor Ward

Harriet Moss (UK) & Eleanor Ward (UK)



C:N NET profile Harriet Moss

C:N NET profile Eleanor Ward


Mr Van Walsh & Gabriel Prokofiev

Mr Van Walsh (UK/Belgium/the Netherlands) & Gabriel Prokofiev (UK)


C:N NET profile Mr Van Walsh

C:N NET profile Gabriel Prokofiev