Showcase Overview 2018

Check below for our jury-selected Showcase artists, who will perform at Classical:NEXT 2018. This also includes our Club Showcases, together with resident Classical:NEXT DJs.

Take a look at our Jury page to find out more about the jury that curated the 2018 Showcases.

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"Very honored to be included in the Classical:NEXT 2018 Showcase, a conference that I have long admired from afar and am looking forward to experiencing up close."

Molly Joyce, showcase artist

Showcases A-Z

B3: Brouwer Trio, by Contra Vent i FustaPhoto: Contra Vent i Fusta

B3: Brouwer Trio (Spain)






Belle Chen, by Burke TurnerPhoto: Burke Turner

Belle Chen (Australia/Taiwan/United Kingdom)



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Cuarteto Q-Arte, by Nicolas CaballeroPhoto: Nicolas Caballero

Cuarteto Q-Arte (Colombia)






Derek Gripper, by Simon AtwellPhoto: Simon Atwellt

Derek Gripper (South Africa)




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Edge Ensemble, by Alex SchroderPhoto: Alex Schroder

Edge Ensemble (the Netherlands)






Fundament, by Bruno BollaertPhoto: Bruno Bollaert







Kirill Richter, by Igor KlepnevPhoto: Igor Klepnev

Kirill Richter (Russian Federation)






PEP Piano and Erhu Project, by Jennifer ZhaoPhoto: Jennifer Zhao

PEP (Piano and Erhu Project) (Canada)




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Roomful of Teeth, by Bonica AyalaPhoto: Bonica Ayala

Roomful of Teeth (USA)

Performing as the final Showcase at the Closing ceremony.

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"Thrilled to be selected for the Showcase with „VEIN plays Ravel“!! We feel very honored and really look forward to participate at ClassicalNEXT 2018 and to meet a lot of interesting people from all round the world!"

Florian Arbenz, VEIN, showcase artist

Club Showcases

These late-night showcases together with the Classical:NEXT DJs offer the chance to see outstanding NEXT artists perform in Rotterdam clubs in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere The Club Showcases will take place in WORM.


Abraham Brody, by Oleg SkrindaPhoto: Oleg Skrinda

Abraham Brody (Lithuania/USA)






John Kameel Farah, by Markus WernerPhoto: Markus Werner

John Kameel Farah (Canada/Germany)






Molly Joyce, by Sarah MidkiffPhoto: Sarah Midkiff

Molly Joyce (United States)






VEIN by Daniel InfangerPhoto: Daniel Infanger

VEIN plays Ravel (Switzerland)




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"I am very excited to perform at Classical Next 2018. It is the only event of its kind and I look forward to sharing my work and roots there, as well meeting many other presenters and artists."

Abraham Brody, showcase artist

Club DJs

Eleanor Ward

Harriet Moss (UK) & Eleanor Ward (UK)



C:N NET profile Harriet Moss

C:N NET profile Eleanor Ward


Mr Van Walsh & Gabriel Prokofiev

Mr Van Walsh (UK/Belgium/the Netherlands) & Gabriel Prokofiev (UK)


C:N NET profile Mr Van Walsh

C:N NET profile Gabriel Prokofiev