• 15-18 MAY 2019

The 2019 Opening

The Opening Ceremony of Classical:NEXT does not simply signal the beginning of the global music meeting, but sets the tone for all it has to offer, bringing to the stage the spirit of the event, underlining its intercontinental and innovative perspective.

National Sawdust, the innovative contemporary classical venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, presents the 2019 Opening Showcase at Classical:NEXT.

Composer and National Sawdust co-founder and artistic director Paola Prestini is curating the opening showcase "National Sawdust: Hear It New!", produced by Holly Hunter, director of National Sawdust Projects. It will feature cellist Amanda Gookin, as well as a performance of the composition "Constellations" by composer and National Sawdust Hildegard Award winner Emma O’Halloran.

More information on the 2019 Opening coming soon!

Amanda Gookin

Amanda Gookin is an acclaimed cellist who will perform at the 2019 Opening.

Emma O'Halloran

Emma O’Halloran is an Irish composer and musician who will feature in the 2019 Opening.

Paola Prestini

Paola Prestini, Co-Founder/Artistic Director of National Sawdust, will curate the opening showcase.

National Sawdust

National Sawdust is a women-led innovative contemporary classical venue, committed to introducing audiences to new artists and artists to new audiences.

The performance venue and recording studio focuses on discovery, building new audiences for classical and contemporary music by providing resources and support to emerging and established artists and composers.

Classical:NEXT is proud to be collaborating with National Sawdust and we look forward to announcing all that we have in store for our eighth edition.

National Sawdust Website