If you want to stand out from the crowd, Classical:NEXT has plenty of promotional opportunities available before, during and after the event. The Classical:NEXT Guide is the most important source of information for the international classical music industry, offering everything from detailed artist and speaker information to delegate and company directories. The lightweight Classical:NEXT Pocket Schedule is carried all day and night by the Classical:NEXT delegates, used to consult the whole programme at a glance. Inserting your promotional material in the Classical:NEXT Bag will get your CD, DVD, flyer or magazine directly into the hands of all Classical:NEXT delegates. For maximum visibility, place your brand or logo on the Classical:NEXT Bag, Lanyard or Wristband. You can present your banner on website at any time of year to promote your artist/s, company or event. Join the C:N NET to present your company and artists to the online music community, connect with other delegates, and much more... keeping the classical music community informed and in touch.

I / We will book advertisements for Classical:NEXT 2016

All red-coloured fields are compulsory!

with international dialing code
with international dialing code

1. ADVERTISEMENT IN THE GUIDE - Rates and details
All advertisement measurements are width x height in mm. black/white 4 colours
  Booking deadline: Friday, 04 March 2016
Delivery deadline: Friday, 11 March 2016

Publishing date: Wednesday, 25 May 2016
Print run:  tbc
1/1 page bleed 160 x 209 mm + 5 mm bleed EURO 750,- EURO 1000,-
  Special position (full page only):
add 80% for inside front flap, 142 x 209 mm + 8 mm bleed
add 50% for last Guide page (inside), 160 x 209 mm + 8 mm bleed
add 70% for inside back flap, 142 x 209 mm + 8 mm bleed
add 100% for back cover, 160 x 209 mm + 8 mm bleed

1/2 page horizontal 145 x 97 mm
1/2 page vertical 70 x 199 mm
EURO 440,- EURO 625,-
  Colour or black/white
For clarification: Please mark the colour of your advertisement!
4 colours
2. POCKET SCHEDULE - Rates and details
  Booking deadline: Friday, 22 April 2016
Delivery deadline: Friday, 29 April 2016

Publishing date: Wednesday, 25 May 2016
Delivery address: tba
Back cover 147 x 105 mm
(type area 137 x 95 mm)
EURO 1000,-
Centrefold single page
137 x 93 mm + 5 mm bleed
EURO 500,-
Centrefold double page
295 x 103 mm + 3 mm bleed
(type area: 285 x 93 mm)
EURO 1200,-
Artwork should be submitted digitally – via FTP upload – meeting the following specifications: Best practice is to supply as a single closed high resolution PDF file (file format: PDF X3 Standard), with all fonts and images embedded and correct preview.
Colour must be in CMYK (RGB, Pantone or Spot colours are not permitted). Contact us before the deadline for FTP upload details at Small files (max. 10 MB) can be sent via email to

All measurements are in mm, horizontal x vertical. Classical:NEXT Guide format: 160 x 209 mm (6.3“ x 8.23“). For full page bleed artwork: add 5 mm to all sides (for special position add 8 mm instead). Type area: 145 x 199 mm (5.7“ x 7.83“). Please take into account the type area measurements to avoid important ad content being cut!
For special Guide positions and Pocket Guide specs, please contact

Advertisements are usually positioned on the left-hand side.
3. INSERT IN THE BAG - Rates and details
  Booking deadline: Friday, 29 April 2016
Delivery period: TBA
Delivery address: TBA
Per insert = 1 item (copies to be confirmed) for all Classical:NEXT Bags.
Description of insert (incl. weight and size, subject to confirmation by Classical:NEXT)
EURO 500,-
Place your brand / logo on the Classical:NEXT Bag, Lanyard or Wristband
  For deadlines and specs please contact us at
Classical:NEXT Bag EURO 5000,-
Classical:NEXT Lanyard EURO 3000,-
Classical:NEXT Wristband EURO 2000,-
5. ONLINE ADVERTISEMENT - Rates and details
Rectangle Banner on (300 x 250 px): max. 20 Kbyte / placed directly underneath the top news / rotating / linked to your homepage / gif, jpg, flash or html / automatically deactivated after period specified in the adViews contract
Skyscraper Banner on (120 x 600 px): max. 100 Kbyte/ subject to availability / linked to your homepage / gif, jpg, flash or html / automatically deactivated after period specified in the adViews contract
no. of adviews Rectangle Banner on
1.000 adViews = € 60
(min. 5.000 adViews to book, max. 15.000)
EURO 60,- per 1000
no. of adviews Skyscraper Banner on on
1.000 adViews = € 90
(fixed adViews = 1000)
EURO 90,- per 1000
Profile on C:N NET database (free of charge if you register for C:N 16) / for one year EURO 48,-
for the 2nd person (same company) EURO 24,-
  PRICES NET ADD 19%VAT if applicable

* According to the the German VAT Act (UStG 3a, Absatz 3, in Verbindung mit Absatz 4 Nr. 2), Classical:NEXT customers from outside the EU purchasing Classical:NEXT advertisements should not be taxed in Germany. Classical:NEXT customers from inside the EU must provide their company's VAT ID number or they will have to pay 19% VAT. German customers, however, are always obliged to pay 19% VAT.

  add 5% handling fee for credit card payment  


Booking deadlines are for receipt of payment!

Bank: Berliner Volksbank
Intl.: IBAN DE98 1009 0000 2148 0880 07 / BIC (Swift) BEVODEBB
Nat.: BLZ 1009 0000 / Konto-Nr. 214 808 8007
Bank address: Budapester Str. 35, 10787 Berlin, Germany
Don’t forget to write: Classical:NEXT ad + your invoice number

Terms of Payment and Business

2016 Advertisement Policies - Please Read:
  1. Payment in € (Euro) currency only.
  2. All prices net, 19% VAT to be added, if applicable.
  3. Payments can be made in cash or bank transfer – no cheques accepted.
  4. All bank costs to be covered by sender.
  5. Deadlines are payment receipt deadlines.
  6. Booking only valid with a completed advertisement form and full payment.
  7. Proof of full payment must accompany booking form.
  8. Classical:NEXT will not be responsible for any 3rd party liability incurred by delegates as a result of any alteration of format, date and location of the event.
  9. Booking orders are accepted subject to capacity.
  10. Any cancellation must be received in writing; refund is subject to a 20% administrative charge.
  11. No Advert refunds after Friday, 11 March 2016; no Insert refunds after Friday, 29 April 2016.
    Cancellations made after these dates will be subject to 100% charge.
I agree to the Classical:NEXT Advertisement Policies.