Book a Stand & Exhibitor Info

Expo at Classical:NEXT 2016, by Eric van Nieuwland Expo at Classical:NEXT 2016, by Eric van Nieuwland

The expo offers meeting points for all delegates and exhibits the work of labels, publishers, agents, festivals, associations and others in a trade fair format. All delegates have access to the expo area and the associated networking space. Explore new ideas and future-oriented practices, broaden your network internationally and across sectors. Bear in mind that we can only sell a finite number of stands, and bookings are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. You can read about the benefits of becoming an exhibitor at Classical:NEXT on our Benefits page.

You can see a full list of the exhibitors at the Classical:NEXT 2017 Expo here.


Expo Map

Take a look at the map of the Classical:NEXT 2017 expo space including all stand positions.


stand details

One stand includes:

  • A 3 x 2 m stand - see this stand picture - including a fasciaboard-sign with the name of the exhibitor (black standard font) and carpet (in tiles, of colour 'anthracite').
  • One table and four chairs per stand
  • Electricity and spotlights
  • Do you need more? Order additional equipment with all sorts of extensions and furniture.
  • A feature in the Classical:NEXT Guide, introducing your company or enterprise (Please note! Only available if your stand is booked before the Guide Rate).

For more information read our exhibitor manual (pdf). Please note! A stand booking does not include any person registrations. These have to be bought separately.


Exhibitor manual and other Exhibitor Info

What are the dates and times for set-up and take down? What about the height of my stand? What are the exact terms of payment? This document has the answers: Exhibitor manual (PDF)

If you wish to use the official Classical:NEXT 2017 frieght company, Valverde, you can find details in our shipping manual PDF. For an overview of the parking spaces available at and around de Doelen, see our parking plan.


Umbrella stands

Umbrella stands are possible, and popular within the Expo. Classical:NEXT just offers a stand to one owner at full cost – we can only invoice one party per stand. However, if you book a stand, you as the stand's main owner can share your stand with other companies. Remember that this is entirely your own responsibility. Classical:NEXT is not involved with any deal or transaction between you and the other companies.

Also note, that only the main owner purchases a feature in the Classical:NEXT Guide. Whether or not you, as the main owner, share this mentioning with the other companies at your umbrella stand is entirely up to you, of course.


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