Classical:NEXT is the new concept of the classical music of today and the best opportunity to show music projects on the international music scene. For me and MazikDuo Classical:NEXT has been the key to start our international career with different tours around the world."

    Tolo Genestar, Clarinetist - Mazik Duo, Spain

The perfect point from which to look to the future of classical music."

    Daniel Hope, violinist, UK

A splendid chance to meet your peers, get inspired, make deals, present your stuff, all in a very good setting with excellent food at a low price."

    Robert von Bahr, CEO, BIS Records, Sweden

Classical:NEXT feels like a reunion every year. It's a who's who of the classical industry across the world."

    Classical:NEXT 2016 questionnaire respondent

Classical:NEXT is a space of music and ideas. If you want to participate in the future of classical music, this is the place to be!"

    Celso Mojola, composer and producer, Brazil

Classical:NEXT provides a cost effective way to meet industry partners, make business and strategy for the year. It is affordable and easy to access."

    Classical:NEXT 2016 questionnaire respondent

This conference allows us to look at the NOW to inspire the NEXT."

    Nicole Jordan, artistic director, Alchemy Ensemble, The Netherlands

This event is unique. People are very open to talk about partnerships, looking for business and cultural exchange oportunities."

    Leandro Ribeiro, Project Manager, Brasil Music Exchange, Brazil

Having the opportunity to present our project as part of the Project Pitches at Classical:NEXT 16 not only opened up new opportunities for the project itself through global connections and interest, it also allowed me to connect with inspirational artists and practitioners, share and grow ideas, and plant the seeds for future international collaborations that I hope will represent the Classical:NEXT ethos in the future!"

    Jenny Jamison, Director of Artistic Planning, Scottish Ensemble, United Kingdom

Classical:NEXT just gets better and better each year!"

    Classical:NEXT 2016 questionnaire respondent

If you are uncertain the future of classical music industry, Classical:NEXT will give you a clear answer to find a new future!"

    Moonseon Park, Daewon Cultural Foundation, South Korea<

Classical:NEXT offers the best platform that I have ever attended for the classical music industry. I never feel shy when recommending it to all my acquaintances in the business. As a veteran member, I don't need to tell how much the platform has regenerated and evolved itself from Day 1."

    Rudoph Tang, Journalist, Shanghai, China

Thank you and your team for setting up a for me enormously succesful Classical:NEXT 2016! I talked to a lot of people I always wanted to meet and had really inspirational conversations about music. As a result I was able to sharpen the concepts of my current projects to a significant degree. I gained new friends and collaborators and went home with a handful of possible festival invitations and another handful of new commission opportunities. I'm sure that more than one of these prospects manifest themselves into reality. The project pitches were well visited by potential buyers, that's where a lot of those contacts were coming from."

    Mathis Nitschke, composer

I have no words to congratulate you enough for all accomplishments in the conference in Vienna. Organization was superb and all panels were very productive. Having attended so many conferences in the last years, I have to say that it was extremely effective in terms of connecting people from the industry."

    Marcelo Lopes, São Paulo Symphony Orchestra - OSESP Foundation, Brazil

This was my second visit to Classical:NEXT and my first as a speaker. It was gratifying to note both the interested concentration of the audience for my panel - it really felt as though we were working together on something constructive - and the burgeoning size of the event itself. Last year I thought how the conference was both focussed and always warm and giving the sense of a community. This year the community was even bigger, which makes it ever-more effective. I wish it the best for the future - it deserves to succeed, and we will all benefit."

    James Inverne, conference speaker Classical:NEXT 2014, UK

Classical:NEXT was amazing - all people and companies open to talk about collaborations, partnerships, business, and new ideas. Great network platform."

    Leandro, Project Manager of Brasil Music Exchange, Brazil

The call for proposals from Classical:NEXT is my annual call for introspection and critical observation of the music world. Finally a platform that is open to positive change in the world of art music! Beyond the honour of being selected twice to give a presentation, Classical:NEXT has put me in direct contact with cultural leaders globally. Thanks to the presentations and network meetings, I have been invited to give the keynote opening speech at the European Choral Association’s VOICE conference in Barcelona. In Vienna I was introduced to ISPA which inspired me to write a (successful) application for the Global Fellowship. Also, there is no doubt in my mind that the international breakthrough of the Classical Music Rave finds its roots in the late hours of the C:N showcases. If you want to experience the friendly collision between traditionally classical and cutting-edge contemporary music, then go to Classical:NEXT - the gateway to the future of art music."

    Brendan Walsh, Classical Music Mutineer, Belgium<

Classical:NEXT really is an invigorating thought shower of fresh ideas, challenging preconceptions and reminding us why we work in this great industry. It is particularly important to have a space for both live performance and the recording industry to come together for an in-depth look into the future and to forge new contacts. I’d encourage anyone in the orchestral sector to attend next year, whether it be to meet like-minds from across the globe, or to build commercial opportunities."

    Mark Pemberton, Association of British Orchestras, UK

Super! Inspiring talks, great place to network, one of the top events of our year!"

    Marc Tritschler, Testklang, Germany

Classical:NEXT 2014 surpassed my expectations....and they were already quite high. Amazing networking, out-of-the-box discussions, great showcases and film screenings. Being part of this international movement for innovation that Classical:NEXT nurtures and fosters, I can now share experiences, successes and doubts with hundreds of colleagues around the globe."

    Heloísa Fischer, VivaMusica, Brazil

Classical:NEXT offered a fantastic forum for exchanging ideas and connecting with colleagues worldwide."

    Christopher Gruits, Carnegie Hall, USA

A foresightful initiative that brings people together from all over the world to explore new horizons of appreciation and understanding of the classical music idiom”

    Thomas Hampson, keynote speaker 2014

Classical:NEXT was a tremendously useful experience for me, more than I ever could have imagined when sending my proposal. The concert for my showcase recital was packed with a wide spectrum of music professionals, thanks to the Classical:NEXT team. But more importantly: the two days I spent meeting people casually in the halls led to festival invitations, multiple proposals from record labels, new media contacts, and improved distribution agreement for my partners in France. If you are an entrepreneurial musician, there is no better way to spend 3 days of your time."

    Ivan Ilic, pianist and Classical:NEXT 2013 showcase artist

I did more business in three hours at Classical:NEXT than I did in three days at other conferences.”

    Antony Smith, Nimbus Records

A truly international meeting where label managers, agents, musicians and journalists work with great determination on the future of classical music."

    Remy Franck, pizzicato magazine

An excellent opportunity to mix with colleagues from different organisations all working towards the common aim of furthering the promotion and performance of classical music throughout the world."

    James Murray, Label and Export Manager, Metronome

Kicking up a storm in the classical music industry (...), Classical:NEXT is the brand new international professionals' forum that everyone is talking about."

    International Arts Manager magazine

It was like being at a large family party where you met some cousins you didn't know you had."

    Barry Irving, International Record Review

It’s an excellenct opportunity for us to meet all the business partners in one place so I cannot miss it."

    Francis Jun Hyoung Lee, C&L; Music, South Korea

Classical:NEXT provided an excellent and invaluable platform to connect with industry colleagues and partners from around the globe. A relaxed yet professional setting, well done to the team."

    Elizabeth Woollacott, Label Manager, Atoll Records

Immediately after my presentation, several representatives approached me and throughout the day some even suggested concrete deals for international appearances of our contemporary music ensemble. It is amazing how much business one man alone can do thanks to this video showcase format."

    John Harris, Chief Executive and Artistic Co-Director of scottish Red Note Ensemble, Scotland

Classical:NEXT has been well overdue and provided a refreshing, positive look at the current classical sector, its audience and ways toward a better future. Fabulous conversations and discoveries were abundant!."

    Rae Howell, Composer, Performer, Director: Sunwrae Ensemble

Everybody's going to Classical:NEXT"

    Jessica Duchen, music journalist and blogger, UK