• 14 - 17 MAY 2024



Classical:NEXT was born out of the simple idea to bring the diverse scenes of classical music together and offer them a forum to exchange and develop new ideas around classical music. That was in 2011. Since then, around 5700 classical music professionals representing over 2700 companies from more than 60 countries have engaged with Classical:NEXT and made it into the world's most important classical music meeting. The idea of innovation expressed in the event's name is still prevalent: In addition to being a networking event, Classical:NEXT has established itself as a key opportunity to promote and explore new talent, new creative ideas and future-orientated business practices.

Preserve the past – work in the present – look to the future

The classical music community has long been fragmented: early or contemporary, traditional or experimental, live or recorded, independent or major…the list of divisions goes on. Since its first edition in 2012, Classical:NEXT unites and helps classical music professionals from all sectors and approaches to see the bigger picture and work on hands-on solutions for today's issues.

More often than not, old models and practices can no longer be relied on to sustain audience numbers or the economic health necessary to survive and thrive. New models and concepts run across established borders or call for a different know-how or new partnerships. As an addition to sector-specific meetings and the tried and true conferences, Classical:NEXT is the place to orient yourself towards these new possibilities, to not only meet your peers but also to find new partners, to discuss what works and what needs to be changed and how exactly.

Conference, Expo and Showcases

The structure of Classical:NEXT consists of four main components – conference, expo, showcases and networking. The conference section is set up to offer presentations, seminars, discussions, one-to-one and roundtable mentoring and other formats to help delegates keep up with changes, trends and innovations. The expo exhibits the work of labels, publishers, agents, festivals, associations and others, and serves as a meeting point for all delegates. Showcases are where artists and productions can be presented in a series of short concerts or video screenings, offering artistic directors, concert bookers, journalists and more a unique opportunity to gain an overview of artistic activity within a short space of time. The IMZ International Music + Media Centre (Vienna) selected a complementary film programme for the first edition in Munich 2012 and again for the second and third editions 2013 and 2014 in Vienna. From 2015 onwards, Project Pitches were introduced so that a range of video projects, videos on larger scale projects and works-in-progress can be presented to the Classical:NEXT delegates.

While the conference and expo of Classical:NEXT are open exclusively to professionals, parts of the showcase programme are open to the public.

the community Generates the Content

Classical:NEXT offers an open platform, a real-life meeting which is inspired by web 2.0 communication: it is the delegates themselves who design the programme. Therefore, all partners and participants are encouraged to suggest themes and propose content that fulfills their needs and wishes. An international jury makes their selection from these proposals. The showcases and large parts of the conference are selected from proposals from the community. In addition, Classical:NEXT facilitates networking and knowledge sharing between the individual sectors of the community, be they artistic directors, performing artists, composers, agents, managers, publishers, labels, distributors, journalists or educators.

This all-inclusive approach is designed to offer a full range of information and services to international music professionals. We welcome you to join us in our efforts to unite and strengthen the international classical and art music community. Together, we can develop Classical:NEXT into a mutually beneficial forum and the premier annual industry event.

Initiated by CLASS, the Association for Classical Independent Labels in Germany

Produced by Piranha Arts AG