• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021

Five years of looking into the future of art music together

We are celebrating the 5th edition of Classical:NEXT and with it the 5th anniversary of the Classical:NEXT movement, bringing together international innovators of art music to look into the future of the genre together.

On the cover of International Arts Manager magazine

we have made a lovely photo collage of some of our most active community members looking into the future together. Where do you see classical music in 5 years. (And contemporary music, and all art music).

Here is the photo of the collage.

And here are the credits from lef to right and then from top row to bottom row.

Design: ta-trung Berlin

1st row

2nd row

3rd row

4th row

5th row

  • David Pay (Canada), Artistic Director Music on Main festival
  • Won-Il (Korea), Director, Monday Morning Creative Lab, HwaEom Spiritual Music Ritual
  • Virgo Sillamaa (Estonia), Director, Music Estonia
  • Thiago Cury (Brazil), Director, AguaForte
  • Fabienne Krause (Germany), General Manager Classical:NEXT
  • Mateus Simões (Brazil), General Manager Petrobras Orchestra

6th row:

6th row hidden:

  • N.N. (Korea), Korea Arts Management Service
  • Nils Corßen (Germany), Assistant Classical:NEXT
  • N.N. (Korea), Korea Arts Management Service
  • N.N. (Korea), Korea Arts Management Service
  • Thomas Bonte (Belgium), MuseScore CEO & Co-founder, Open Goldberg Variations and MuseScore

7th row