• 27 - 30 SEPT 2021

Photo by Eric van Nieuwland

Ask the questions you always wanted to ask to an expert. Get the know-how you seek free of charge – either at a One-to-One mentoring (a private 15-minute consultation) or a Roundtable Mentoring (in a collective Q&A session) with one of our special mentors from various fields and occupations.

One-to-one Mentoring

Thursday 11:30 – 13:00: Mentoring Room (Mees Zaal)

Take advantage of a private 15-minute consultation free of charge with any of our special mentors from various fields and occupations. Each mentor will bring years of experience and knowledge to the meetings to assist you with any queries and help you map out a blueprint for taking your music, artist or business forward. If you haven’t signed up, stop by to see if there are still slots available or to be put on the waiting list. The Classical:NEXT 2016 One-to-one Mentors will be:

Kate Caro (UK) – Developing Multimedia Projects for the International Market

Focus on how you can get your multimedia project to reach its full potential. Consider which materials are useful to presenters and agents, how you can package your ideas, which markets are suitable and how you will balance the books. Bring projects, whatever stage they might be in, for discussion.

Christopher Gruits (US) – Programming, Festival Management & New Media

Learn how to utilise new media channels to reach a broader audience and the mechanics of developing and implementing multi-disciplinary productions for a variety of formats.

Ken Smith (US/Hong Kong) – Maximizing your Media Profile in Asia

Once considered the world’s ‘growth market’ for classical music, Asian audiences have become spoiled for choice, with hundreds of international ensembles and orchestras now competing for attention each season. Learn how to position your organisation and let your message be heard through the din.

Roundtable Mentoring:

Friday 11:30 – 12:15: Mentoring Room (Mees Zaal)

Receive personalised advice from specialists from various fields and occupations. Each expert will lead a 30-minute roundtable mentoring session with max. five participants.

The 2015 Roundtable mentors and sessions were:

Carsten Dürer (Germany) – Handling the Music Press and PR-Work for Musicians

Musicians do not know how to approach and handle the classical music press, because they are not prepared for this and so they are a lot of times very disappointed. One can prepare interview meetings and conversations with music journalists. Often the material that the journalists are looking for is missing. All of this should be prepared in a professional way.

John Kieser (US) – Onboarding Audiences – a step-by-step approach

When we learn to read, we do not start with Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Why would be expect audiences who have little or no music education to embrace a Mahler symphony? Companies use ‘onboarding’ for new employees to help them acquire critical knowledge and behaviours, which lead them to become insiders. This session will explore various concert formats and methodologies to sequentially onboard audiences, to develop people’s appreciation for our art form and improve their experience.

Mauricio Peña (Colombia) – Working in the Arts and Culture in Latin America

Working in Latin America can be challenging. Aside from the language barrier that may exist, an understanding of the culture, its negotiation style, the economy and the way the arts and culture are organised in different countries is fundamental for anyone doing business in this part of the world.