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Photo: Eric van Nieuwland

Find out what you can get out of Classical:NEXT

While Classical:NEXT is a meeting for all sectors, it offers specific benefits for each participant.




"The perfect point from which to look into the future of classical music."

Daniel Hope, violinist

"Classical:NEXT offers the best platform that I have ever attended for the classical music industry. I never feel shy when recommending it to all my acquaintances in the business. As a veteran member, I don't need to tell how much the platform has regenerated and evolved itself from Day 1. It's a shame that I can't split into parts to be at the many simultaneous showcases, sessions, mentoring, talks and receptions."

Rudolph Tang, journalist

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Any sector missing? Any additions? Write a mail to and let us know your special needs and wishes for Classical:NEXT.


Collaborations and Friendships at Classical:NEXT

Watch Daniel Murray (Showcases Artist 2014) and Lars Hannibal (producer/director OUR Recordings) as they discuss recording 'Brazilian Landscapes' together after meeting at Classical:NEXT in 2014.