Sergio Roberto de Oliveira


Piece for 2 cellos, recorded by Duo Santoro, inspired in Yemanjá, the Goddess of the seas.
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Video Clip/Short Film of the piece Ao Mar, by Sergio Roberto de Oliveira, performed by Duo Santoro. Featuring: Gabriela Geluda. Director: Alex Araripe
  • Video Clip Ao Mar
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  • country:Brazil
  • region:Rio de Janeiro
  • style(s):Brazilian, Contemporary
  • label:A Casa Discos
  • type:Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • artist posted by:A Casa Estúdio

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  • Sergio Roberto de Oliveira (Composer)


Nominated for the 2011 Latin Grammy in the category of "Best Contemporary Classical Composition" and for the 2012 Latin Grammy for the CD "Prelúdio 21 -String Quartets" for which he participated as producer and composer, Sergio Roberto de Oliveira has been actively participating in the Brazilian and international music scenes over his 17 years as a composer. He is one of the most active and most widely performed composers in Brazilian contemporary music.
He has been presenting concerts with his music in Brazil, England, Holland, Italy and Mexico.
In the United States the works of Oliveira have been part of the scene since 1999, with dozens of concerts, commissions and participation in CD. He also has 2 pieces published in US, and is appearing in various articles in specialized journals and sites such as the Flutist Quarterly ("Circus Brasilis - The flute music of Sergio Roberto de Oliveira"), Early Music America ("Something New for Early Music"), ("The heirs of Villa-Lobos), 21st Century Music,, etc. Sergio Roberto de Oliveira has frequently been invited to lecture at American universities, and has spoken at more than a dozen institutions including Princeton and Duke. In 2009 he was Artist-in-Residence at Duke University. In UK he has 1 piece published. The Spanish Magazine Sonograma has published 2 interviews with Sergio.
Oliveira is a member of groups of composers Prelúdio 21 (founder and member since 1998, based in Rio de Janeiro) and Vox Novus, based in Nova York.
To commemorate 15 years of activity as a composer, Oliveira released a box with 4 CDs, as well as a CD with composer Mark Hagerty, and produced the series "QUINZE", with 13 concerts including his works, between July and October of 2012.
His discography includes 14 CDs as producer, 13 as composer, 22 as general producer, 2 as arranger and 2 as pianist. His catalog of compositions includes approximately 110 works for various ensembles, including Symphony Orchestra.
Sergio Roberto de Oliveira is a member of the Latin Academy of the Arts and Science of Recording.


"Ao Mar" - Sergio Roberto de Oliveira