CALAVENTO means movement and joy, and deep soul sensations

The word Calavento, created by the duo, alludes to the wind vane (in Portuguese it is called “cata-vento”), which is a symbol of joy, movement, color and flexibility. It also evokes the musicians’ spirit and their music. “Calar” in Portuguese means “to silence”, and, in this case, transmits the music at its deepest level: when it touches our soul. The silence can also bring out the presence of quietness, inherent to the existence of sounds and, naturally, the existence of the music.

Calavento is a Brazilian duo that brings grace and virtuosity to the unusual guitar-violin combination with new compositions and their own arrangements of traditional songs. On stage they bring a theatrical touch to their shows: the artists tell stories, bring the repertoire alive and take on the trait that each song brings out.

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