New video from Choirnevale online!

On August the 17th we played a very special concert at Kulturarena Jena in Germany. It was the premiere of Choirnevale, which is a special Afenginn concert featuring marimba and a choir. Now there is some footage from the evening!

The first full length Choirnevale concert was rolled out in Jena in Germany this summer. We brought a Faroese choir, a light show, scenography, a bunch of musicians and other goodies from Denmark to make premiere a blast. And it was! Two encores, great reviews in the newspapers and standing ovations from the 1200 beautiful people who had got a ticket for the show.

The whole 90-min concert was filmed by the great folks in Obscura and they've been editing out 10 minutes where we perform Paxima and Amore Memoriam (for the first time ever, actually). We think it's worth sharing. Hope you like it!!


article submitted by:Kim Rafael Nyberg, Afenginn