Ensemble Amarillis

Ensemble Amarillis
Amarillis ensemble
  • country:France
  • style(s):Baroque
  • label:Evidence classics
  • type:Small Ensemble
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Amarillis

Line up

  • Alice Piérot (Violin)
  • Annabelle Luis (Cello)
  • David Plantier (Violin)
  • Fanny Paccoud (Viola)
  • Héloïse Gaillard (Recorder and baroque oboe)
  • Ludovic Coutineau (Double bass)
  • Marianne Muller (Viola da gamba)
  • Violaine Cochard (Harpsichord)


Amarillis, a baroque ensemble with a variable line-up, currently ranks amongst the most original groups in Europe.