Amphitryon Media

Amphitryon Media is a PR agency based in Berlin. Amphitryon Media opens new perspectives and allows unexpected strengths to be discovered.

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Amphitryon Media is specialising in classical music. The development of clients’ personality lies at the centre of our work.
Amphitryon is a figure in ancient legend. He was so well disguised by the god Zeus that he tricked his own wife, Alkmene, und conceived the demi-god Hercules. He also became the subject of a comedy by Heinrich von Kleist:

Alas, sometimes the perception of the outer world creates a picture that is very different from the one we have of ourselves.

Amphitryon Media invites the outer world to rediscover our artists. We communicate between musicians and the media, looking closely at the special qualities of each personality. To create continuity between their identity and the external perception, we work together with each client to determine their exact needs and deliver an individually tailored PR concept.

With our help, the outer world will be invited to see people as they are – out of an “Alas” will be an “Aha!”



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  • Classical:NEXT 2020
  • Classical:NEXT 2019


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