Ibrahim Maalouf

Ibrahim Maalouf


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  • country:Lebanon
  • style(s):Jazz, World
  • label:Mister Prod
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Anteprima Productions

Line up

  • François Delporte (Guitar)
  • Frank Woeste (Piano)
  • Ibrahim Maalouf  (trumpet)
  • Laurent David (Bass)
  • Xavier Roge (Drums)


Saturday 29/10/11 22:15 | Koncerthuset: Studio 1

Diagnostic marks the third and final chapter in a musical triptych which trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf began in 2007 with Diasporas, his first album, and enriched with Diachronism some two years later. Better than a continuation, this new record is an outcome, the result of much research into the interplay of harmonies, tonal dynamics and their acclimatization to rhythms, and the unsuspected connivances which exist between differing musical styles. You can recognize the major influence exerted by marching bands from the Balkans, the batucadas of Brazil, Latin jazz... or heavy metal. But Diagnostic is above all Maalouf's most personal work: a kind of original soundtrack in which the trumpeter has staged with remarkable powers of suggestion the affective life of a musician who has always seen his chosen art-form as therapy, with all that such a commitment implies in terms of sincerity and abandon.

Diagnostic proposes eleven original compositions, each of which formulates an emotion sometimes a contradiction between several such sentiments and all of which dive deep into the mysterious cesspool of emotions to set free languidness, flights of fancy, lightning-flashes and flashbacks.


Ibrahim Maalouf