Antescofo is transforming music practice with digital innovations. Imagine practicing with an orchestra on your smartphone that listens to you.

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Musicians enjoy playing together yet they spend most of their practicing time alone. The goals of the company are:
– To enable our technology for every amateur musician, on every instrument and level, empowering daily music practice on mobile devices with no need for extra hardware.
– To provide intelligent high-quality audio content in our catalog that adapts to them as they play.

Antescofo was incorporated in July 2016 as a spin off of IRCAM, world’s largest research lab dedicated to music technology, following the success of a technology made by founders for highly professional musicians. We release our first mobile app for smartphones and tablets, Metronaut, 6 months ago.
The principle? Through Intelligent Machine Listening, we recognize how humans perform music in real-time and use that information to synchronize content – without altering original audio quality – and provide an immersive experience!

Our company targets music performance and singing markets both on the educational and entertainment sectors. The Metronaut app is an entertaining complement for every practicing amateur musician in the learning process.


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