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Driven by a profound desire to raise the standards of recording and sound processing, Nicolas Bartholomée created a studio that can be described as a veritable research laboratory, with perfection as its constant aim. Every stage in the process matters: choice of repertoire and acoustics, choice of microphones and their positioning, postproduction, the quality of the CD itself and its presentation (iconography, liner notes, etc.).

Nicolas Bartholomée uses the exceptional techniques available in his studio for the benefit of the artists with whom he works and to whose wishes, opinions and feelings he is ever attentive. Aparté creates strong relationships with artists in a microeconomic framework that always leaves room for creativity. It encourages successful partnerships with key players in European musical life, promotes its products everywhere using all media, and is at the forefront of technological revolutions currently underway.

The Aparté label thus defies the gloom of a reputedly depressed market. The members of its constantly expanding team all possess the human qualities that create the special relationships with artists that are so important. They also work with managers to promote the artists’ careers by organising concert tours to coincide with or anticipate new releases. Aparté aims to be perfectly fair to artists in every way, and to be at the forefront as regards communication and transmission. Aparté uses every possible means of distribution and for this it works in partnership with Harmonia Mundi. Since its very first release, the label has been dis- tributed in more than fifty countries worldwide. It is also available on most download sites.

Many of the artists who accompany Aparté are confirmed musicians, such as Christophe Rousset and Les Talens Lyriques, Ophélie Gaillard, Romain Leleu, Blandine Verlet, Xavier Sabata, Michel Dalberto, and others. But its mission is also to find new talent, and Nicolas Bartholomée continues, via his label, to reveal the fine young artists of today – Julie Fuchs, Louis Schwizgebel, the Novus Quartet, Lise Berthaud … – who will be the great musicians of tomorrow.

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