Asambura Ensemble

Asambura Ensemble
Asambura Ensemble by Ghazaleh Ghazanfari

Line up

  • Cornelius Rauch (Piano)
  • Daniel Moreira (Electric Guitar)
  • Ehsan Ebrahimi (Santur)
  • Florian Giering (Viola)
  • Frederik Möhle (Bass)
  • Georg Benhöfer (Djembe)
  • Gustaf Uebachs (Trumpet)
  • Jan Jesuthas (Percussion/Kettledrums)
  • Jule Hillmann (Flute)
  • Justus Czaske (Clarinet)
  • Maximilian Guth (Bass Clarinet)
  • Mireia Peñalver (Cello)
  • Mohamed Gamal (Trombone)
  • Phillipp Lamprecht (Marimba)
  • Ronja Sophie Putz (Violin)
  • Susanne Fassnacht (Contrabassoon)


The Asambura Ensemble sonically reinterprets and contextualises classical music with intercultural and interreligious dialogue perspectives and pursues the vision of peaceful co-existence in the world. Since 2013, musicians of different origins and cultural affiliations have been interacting in the Asambura ensemble.

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Asambura Ensemble