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Camerata Flamenco Project
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Manuel de Falla/Amor Brujo
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Line up

  • José Luis López (Cello)
  • Pablo Suárez (Piano)
  • Ramiro Obedman (woodwinds)



The new performance/Cd Falla 3.0 starts after the collaboration of Camerata Flamenco Project in the show “Encuentros” with Flamenco singer Carmen Linares and guitar player J.M. Cañizares, touring during last two years (Veranos de la Villa-Madrid, Córdoba Guitar Festival, Maestranza Theatre in Seville, etc…). In this new show, Falla 3.0, CFP performs a complete version of El Amor Brujo from Manuel de Falla, with the unique view and original arrangements of CFP trio plus the guest appearance of flamenco dancer Anabel Veloso.
After approaching French Impressionism composers and the experience of performing Falla with other great artists, CFP trio tackles this new spectacle, with its singular avant garde Flamenco touch, perfectly tied to the skills and elegance of dancer Anabel Veloso. This way, the project finds a great artistic expression, with a small format display and semi-acoustic stage. This El Amor Brujo version has been recorded in a CD audio, Falla 3.0 (upcoming release in 2018 September), with the support of the Manuel de Falla Foundation.

The Project
The preceding album of Camerata Flamenco Project, “Impressions”, is an acoustic trio proposal that explores Contemporary Flamenco Music limits in the context of French Impressionism Classical composers’ music as Debussy, Satie or Ravel.
This work meant for the Trio a very fruitful experience, making grow its musicality and bringing the ensemble to new sonorities with an excellent reception from the public in venues such as Madrid, Rotterdam, Sevilla, Helsinki, Zurich, Dublín and Malaga among many many others.

CAMERATA FLAMENCO PROJECT is a musical fact that pools different music styles in the common frame of Contemporary Flamenco. Based in a Trio format (Cello, Flute, Piano) offers various shows with different formations, from acoustic trio to electric septet, also chamber or symphonic orchestras. All these
shows, always with original music and/or original arrangements, turns around a modern view about Flamenco Music, with elements from Classical and Jazz, and have been successfully tested (both audience and reviews) at the best world theaters and festivals. Since their debut at the Singapore Arts Festival, more than 15 years ago, Camerata Flamenco Project had developed their unique musical sound touring all around the world and collaborating with most important Flamenco, Classical, Tango, Jazz and World Music artists as Carmen Linares, Rafaela Carrasco, Jorge Pardo, J.M.Cañizares, Carmen Paris, Leonor Leal, Juan Antonio Suárez "Cano", Antonio Campos, Gabriela Bergallo, Tino Di Geraldo, Leonor Leal, Annette Akerlund, Avanti Orchestra, Dima Slobodeniuk and Camerata Arcangello Corelli among many others.
During the last years CFP have been touring with “Impressions” (Suma Flamenca, Festival Flamenco of Dublin, Avanti Summer Fest in Porvoo, Etnosoi in Finland, Piccolo Fest in Zurich, Rotterdam and many others) and the show “Encuentros” with flamenco singer Carmen Linares and guitarist J.M. Cañizares (Maestranza Theater, Cordoba Guitar Fest, Veranos de la Villa, etc…). They also have been giving Flamenco Mastercourses for musicians (Ireland, Netherlands and Madrid).

On Tour

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