"Azul y Jade" - Iris Azquinezer

Iris Azquinezer


Femenine flow, the beautiful energy that swaddles and transforms.
  • 1 Magdalena en Seda
  • 2 Prelude
  • 3 Allemande
  • 4 Courante
  • 5 Sarabande
  • 6 Menuets I & II
  • 7 Gigue
  • 8 Oración (Tres piezas para Aida)
  • 9 Crisis (Tres piezas para Aida)
  • 10 Nana (Tres piezas para AIda)
  • 11 Prelude
  • 12 Allemande
  • 13 Courante
  • 14 Sarabande
  • 15 Menuets I & II
  • 16 Gigue
  • 17 Susasí
  • 18 The Bear, the cave, the honey and the Bee
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  • artist:Iris Azquinezer
  • featured artist:Iris Azquinezer
  • region:Madrid
  • release year:2014
  • style(s):Baroque, Classical Music
  • country:Spain
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Azquinezer Escribano, Iris
  • label:Rosevil Productions
  • publisher:Rosevil Productions
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Iris Azquinezer’s cello playing touches the listener far away from any show or external effetc. She approaches the famous Bach Suites for solo cello with great sensitivity and inner astonishment.
An excellent instrumental technique along with a high level of musical education, truly serve the music here as a language of the soul. The warm sound of her cello goes directly under the skin.
Iris Azquinezer´s pieces, partly with underlying sounds of nature, are really suitable interludes to the Bach Suites.
Her compositions are magic glimpses of personal emotions, states and images which are expressed through the language of cello playing, similar as in her Bach interpretations.
Prof. Diemut Poppen