"Agua" - Zaruk



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  • artist:Zaruk
  • featured artist:Zaruk, Iris Azquinezer, Rainer Seiferth
  • region:Madrid
  • release year:2022
  • style(s):World, Classical Music
  • country:Spain
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Azquinezer Escribano, Iris
  • label:Rosevil Productions
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In the sea of silence there is an island of sound called Zaruk.

In our first recording adventure, Hágada from 2016, Zaruk became the Sephardic
lands from Corduba to Smyrna and from Morocco to the Balkans. This new album focuses on the constantly changing water which surrounds us, which we are made of, and which brings us together. It is the sea that quenches the thirst of a well. It is the teardrop that runs upstream to its source. It is the droplet that is home to the Danube, the
muddy waters of a snow flake. It is the Amniotic Waltz of the naiads that talks of rain
in the city.
These images, stories and traditions are brought to life by a cello and a guitar alongside the voice of Maria Berasarte, the saxophone and the clarinet of Andreas Prittwitz and the percussion of David Mayoral, that are already part of the soundscapes of Zaruk.
Once the arrangements were recorded and the compositions for the album selected,
we decided to return to the studio to improvise with different forms of water. From
these experiments several miniatures were born, preludes, interludes and epilogues
that fuse together with the sonic landscapes of Andrés Vázquez to complete our aquatic