"" Alors, on danse ? "" - TRIO SR9

New CD

The CD « Alors, on danse ?« offers to explore the theme of the dance at different times...

A baroque suite mainly represents a pastiche of those operas from the 18th
century mixing and gathering various composers. It is an invitation to travel
across the Baroque Europe with the Frenchmen Forqueray, Couperin and
Rameau, the English Purcell, the Italian Scarlatti and the Germans Haendel
and Bach.

Composers of the 19th century were inspired by the national and folkloric
dances because they also invite to a virtual trip. In that respect, the Styrian
tarantella (1890) by the French Claude Debussy is a hybrid between southern
Italy, where the tarantella comes from, and southern Austria, where the region
of Styria is located. The countries of Central Europe are represented by the
Romanian Dance (1910) by the Hungarian Bartók and, travelling further to the
Eastern countries, Asia vibrates with the Polovtsian Dances (1890) by the
Russian Borodine, dances that he fantasizes as being those of a former
nomadic tribe in the northern Black Sea area called the Cumans. In the Ritual
Fire Dance by Manuel De Falla, extracted from his ballet ‘Love, the sorcerer’
(1915), the young gipsy Candela dances to make contact with the spirits.

Lastly, with the creation Narnchygäer, the French composer
of Armenian origin François Tashdjian imagines a three head devil who enrols
his victims and makes them dance to death.