Neue Meister
Federico Albanese "The Blue Hour"
Johannes Motschman "Electric Fields"
Christian Jost "BerlinSymphony / Lover-SkySong"
Tamar Halperin "Satie"
Sven Helbig "Pocket Symphonies [Electronica]"
Sven Helbig "I Eat The Sun And Drink The Rain"
Nigel Kennedy "My World
John Kameel Farah "Time Sketches"
Neue Meister Live in Berlin


from the album "BerlinSyhmphony / Lover-SkySong"
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Federico Albanese talking about his album
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  • country:Germany
  • region:Berlin
  • style(s):Electronic, Classical Music
  • label:Neue Meister
  • type:Solo, Composer/Songwriter, Small Ensemble, Trio, Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Large Ensemble
  • instrumentation:instrumental, electronic, visual, piano
  • artist posted by:Berlin Classics

Line up

  • Arash Safaian (Composer)
  • Christian Jost (Composer)
  • Federico Albanese (Piano)
  • Johannes Motschmann (Composer)
  • John Kameel Farah (Piano/electronics)
  • Nigel Kennedy (Violin/Composer)
  • Sebastian Knauer (Piano)
  • Sven Helbig (Composer/electronics)
  • Tamar Halperin (Piano)


The Record Label NEUE MEISTER was founded in January 2016. Being a sub-label of classical label Berlin Classics, NM launches new music of living composers next to rarely old material reworked in an unheard and innovative way: trying new musical paths while keeping in mind the great repertoire that the classical world has to offer. The style range is relatively wide: in 2016 NM has released big orchestral works such as "Berlin Symphony" written by Christian Jost, a monumental Choir work feat. electronics by Sven Helbig, minimal piano music by Tamar Halperin or Federico Albanese, not to forget the first album by überviolinist Nigel Kennedy containing his own compositions.

The first two releases of 2017 will be "Timesketches" by pianist and composer John Kameel Farah, who is establishing a new style he calls "Maximalism", as well as a new project by Tamar Halperin Trio: "BachSpace" combines classical and electronic patterns in a way that has not been heard before.

At the same time NEUE MEISTER has established a concert series with - up until now - three label nights in Berlin in collaboration with Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin and VW. A cross section of those label nights is being released in march 2017 as a 2 CD Live album, featuring artists like Matthew Herbert, Francesco Tristano, Federico Albanese, Paul Frick and many more.

What the nominator wrote:
NM is the first label which is dedicated to the full spectrum of living composers. It is not limited in terms of style or genre - only quality counts. NM has been already established within a few months: the first releases are getting very positive international feedback. Arash Safaians "ÜberBach" has entered the German Classical Top 20. NM also presented a label-night at the Rock/pop-Festival Reeperbahnfestival, which attracted a new, young audience.