Bert Helsen/ HaftCraft & Astria Trio - 7 Tears/ Driftwood Songs

HaftCraft starts this season with a new project 7 TEARS, based on the’7 Lacrimae’ of John Dowland. Mark Raidpere, was commissioned to provide a breathtaking theme of moving and static images. Top composer Tõnu Kõrvits, also from Estonia, is making his own reflection on Dowland's Lachrimae. In collaboration with the Astria Oboe Trio and enriched by the sounds of the archlute, this performance is played by the entire family of double reed instruments: oboe, oboe d'amore, English horn, bassoon and contrabassoon.
-Eric Speller: oboe
-Yf Bourry: oboe d’amore
-Dimitri Mestdag: english horn
-Bert Helsen: bassoon
-Filip Neyens: double bassoon
-Wim Maeseele: archiluth

Confirmed Dates

-2017.10.04: Bijloke Ghent, Belgium (première)
-2017.11.04: Oboe Festival Vichte, Belgium
-2018.01.26: Culture Center 'Het Spoor' Harelbeke, Belgium
-April 2018 Tallinn en Tartu, Estonia

Offered Dates

- 2018.04.03 - 2018.04.07
- seasons 17/18, 18/19, 19/20




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