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rilliant Classics represents top quality recordings at remarkably affordable prices.

In just over a decade Brilliant Classics Editions have become industry trademarks. Consisting of the entire oeuvre or the complete works in one genre by a single composer, these editions, devoted to, among others, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and Brahms, continue to be both popular and critically acclaimed. Also much sought after is the Brilliant Classics Opera Collection with performances by such legends as Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Boris Christoff and Tito Gobbi. Musica Sacra, a beautifully compiled collection of the most beautiful sacred works ever written by composers such as Tallis and Rachmaninoff.

Being one of today's leading classical labels, Brilliant Classics offers CDs of wide-ranging repertoire from popular favourites to more specialised tastes like early music. The Brilliant Classics catalogue is filled with a combination of brand new, licensed and historic recordings, in short, Brilliant Classics delivers recordings to satisfy any-and-everyone's musical palate. from Gregorian chant to music from the second half of the 20th century.

Over the years we have taken pleasure in whetting many an appetite with our mouth watering releases. And for customers who have become musical gourmets, we have taken up the challenge of keeping them well provided for with new and often unexpected treats.



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