Rokia Traoré

Rokia Traoré

Foto Hervé Legall

Rokia Traoré: vocal, guitars; Naba Aminata Traoré, back vocal; Mamah Diabaté: N'goni; Adama Koné: guitar; Christophe "Disco" Minck: bass; Emiliano Turi: drums

When Rokia first came to Ljubljana ten years ago, she was a budding young singer. A year or two later, she became the music diva of the Dark Continent. Her albums and performances were repeatedly showered with praise.

This is no longer an artist who has been almost entirely marinated in some local griot or dance band tradition, and arrives in the West looking for the right producer to clothe her sublime voice in cosmopolitan robes of sophistication and modernity. Rokia has always had her own particular vision of how her music should sound. It was born out of a youth as a sax-playing diplomat's daughter and life in the embassies and consulates of Brussels, Riyadh, Paris and Algiers, with the concomitant loneliness and isolation that provided fertile ground for writing songs and poems, and dreaming of becoming a great singer.

After a few years' break, Rokia is to launch her latest, fourth album and will tour all major world platforms with a renewed band. A concert not to be missed!