Explore the Colourstrings Method with International Minifiddlers videos!

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Through our high-quality lessons you are able to develop your professional skills and get intensive information on how to teach little children with the Colourstrings Method! These distance teaching materials are available for everyone, anytime and anywhere at videos.minifiddlers.org.

We provide violin pedagogues a unique possibility for primary teaching by using the Colourstrings Method. In this child-centered approach music is learnt through colours and pictures. The Colourstrings Method gives child a solid base for the basic technique, which will guarantee fast improvement and quality playing in the future. With our lessons also the parents of little violinists can support the child’s learning at home.

Our unique videos can be purchased & watched in packages that include lessons of a whole year. At the moment available are videos of the 1st year (26 weekly proceeding lessons, more videos will be added soon). From the excerpt videos at our shop you can get a good glimpse of what the videos are all about!

Start exploring the world of Colourstrings now!

article posted by:Heidi Kuusava, Caprice Oy