"Soot" - Boot


When three of Sweden´s leading folk musicians join together with traditional instruments and rhythms, and combine this with a modern sound and a lot of attitude, you can be sure that the result will be something extra special. Boot is made up of Hållbus Totte Mattsson (traditional lute, baroque lute), Ola Bäckström (fiddle, bouzouki) and Samuel Andersson (percussion, string drum, octave fiddle), three experienced folk musicians who have the tradition in their backbones but the possibilities for development and curiosity in their hands and brains. Boot started out as back-up players for the dance group Virvla and was nominated for a Grammy for a joint disc in the year 2000. Hållbus Totte Mattsson has a background in groups such as Groupa and Hedningarna. Ola Bäckström is a fiddler at heart, a top player of Dalecarlian tunes with several impressive solo records under his belt. He has also played with Den Fule and Swåp. Samuel Andersson is one of the most exciting folk musicians of the younger generation and plays in bands such as Hedningarna, Godrun and his own solo project Looptok, where with the help of technology he creates an entire band all on his own. Boot has a broad range of sound, from the ethereal and beautiful to the dark, pounding, gnarled and surly polskas. Driving percussion is combined with a pursuing fiddle and an electrified traditional lute stretches the limits to the maximum.