"Ärkäk Su" - Kurash Sultan

Kurash Sultan
Ärkäk Su


Ärkäk Su is the title of this beautiful album performed by the Uyghurian singer, songwriter, musician Kurash Sultan (also known as Kurash Kösan). This CD project is the third of four audio compilations created in the framework of DISMARC (Discovering Music Archives), co-funded by the European Commission. The project consists of 12 songs, several photos and a detailed booklet.

The Swedish town of Eskilstuna can be found on the Uyghur map. The contemporary Uyghur map is a world atlas. In his songs and poems, Kurash Sultan (1959-2006) explored this transterritorial Uyghur world, making an essential contribution to its mindscape.
Kurash Sultan (mainly known among the Uyghurs under his artist name of Kurash Kösen) was a singer and multi-instrumentalist with a thorough musical education from the Xinjiang Art Institute in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang-Uyghur.