"The Swedish Choir Vol. 2" - Various artists

Various artists
  • artist:Various artists
  • featured artist:Swedish Radio Choir, Eric Ericson Chamber Choir, Allmäna Sången, Royal College of Music Chamber Choir, Hjo Church Youth
  • release year:2021
  • style(s):Classical Music
  • country:Sweden
  • formats:Audio File / Digital
  • record posted by:Caprice Records
  • label:Caprice Records


As a part of the series Swedish Classical Music and subsequent volume to The Swedish Choir (CAP 80015), Caprice Records now releases a new digital instalment, focusing on just that – the classical choral music of Sweden.
During the last century in Sweden, singing in choir has become both a generic hobby and a passion for a great number of swedes, and the sheer amount of both professional and layman choirs on all levels testify to this.

Like most countries, throughout the ages until today, the church sphere is where most of the choral singing take place. However, since around the previous turn of the century, it’s safe to say that choral singing has attained the proportions of a popular movement in Sweden. Way more than half a million Sweden sing in choirs, and there are several large federations who organise the movement. This has led to a an enormously rich repertoire, where pretty much every major composer in the country has been commissioned to write both sacred and secular music for choirs in all constellations. Through the years, many skilful and charismatic choirmasters have also been raised in the movement, such as Eric Ericson, Cecilia Rydinger Alin and Gustaf Sjökvist.
This compilation aims to illustrate the vast variety of music one may encounter as both choral singer and audience. Among many others, you’ll find Sven-David Sandströms (1942-2019) ghostly High Mass, choral excerpts from Karl-Birger Blomdahls (1916-1968) famous space opera Aniara, and Allan Petterssons (1911-1980) dramatic choral symphony The Dead in the Square.
The music on these recordings is performed by some of Sweden’s most prestigious choirs and vocal ensembles, such as Swedish Radio Choir, Eric Ericson Chamber Choir, Academy Chamber Choir of Uppsala och Gösta Ohlins Vokalensemble, led by, among others, Leif Segerstam, Eric Ericson, Dan-Olof Stenlund, and Stig Westerberg.

1.Ett folk, Op. 22: Sverige
2.En svensk Markuspassion (excerpts): Introduction: Han var föraktad och övergiven av alla
3.En svensk Markuspassion (excerpts): Chorale III: Kom, fader, mörkret faller (Chorus)
4.En svensk Markuspassion (excerpts): Chorale VI: Du är Kristus (Chorus)
5.En svensk Markuspassion (excerpts): Chorale VII: Bekrönt med törnen (Chorus)
6.En svensk Markuspassion (excerpts): Chorale IX: O himmelske (Chorus)
7.En svensk Markuspassion (excerpts): Final Chorus: Han fick sin grav (Chorus, Diskantor)
8.Den enda stunden
9.Två Dikter: No. 1. Förvandlingar i vintervatten
10.Två Dikter: No. 2. Metamorfoser vid Siljan
11.Trina celi hierarchia
12.The High Mass (excerpts): Kyrie: Kyrie eleison (Chorus)
13.The High Mass (excerpts): Gloria: Gloria in excelsis (Chorus)
14.The High Mass (excerpts): Gloria: Et in terra pax (Chorus)
15.The High Mass (excerpts): Gloria: Qui tollis peccata mundi (Chorus)
16.The High Mass (excerpts): Credo: Credo in unum Deum (Chorus)
17.The High Mass (excerpts): Sanctus: Sanctus (Chorus)
18.The High Mass (excerpts): Credo: Crucifixus (Chorus)
21.Symphony No. 12, 'The Dead in the Square': I. The Dead on the Square
22.Symphony No. 12, 'The Dead in the Square': II. The Massacre
23.Symphony No. 12, 'The Dead in the Square': III. The Men of Nitrate
24.Symphony No. 12, 'The Dead in the Square': IV. Death
25.Symphony No. 12, 'The Dead in the Square': V. How the Flags Were Born
26.Symphony No. 12, 'The Dead in the Square': VI. I Call upon Them
27.Symphony No. 12, 'The Dead in the Square': VII. The Enemies
28.Symphony No. 12, 'The Dead in the Square': VIII. They are Here
29.Symphony No. 12, 'The Dead in the Square': IX. Always
30.Ave Maris Stella
31.De profundis
32.Katolsk mässa: I. Kyrie
33.Katolsk mässa: II. Gloria
34.Katolsk mässa: III. Credo
35.Katolsk mässa: IV. Offertorium
36.Katolsk mässa: V. Sanctus
37.Katolsk mässa: VI. Benedictus
38.Katolsk mässa: VII. Agnus Dei
39.Hodie Christus natus est
40.Aniara (excerpts): Act 1, Scene 1: Chorus: 'Vi kom från Jorden, Doris Land' (We have come from Earth, land of Doris)
41.Aniara (excerpts): Act 1, Scene 1: Chorus: 'Snart är den här min sköna' (Soon they are here, our happy cast-iron days)
42.Aniara (excerpts): Act 1, Scene 1: Chorus: 'Det var den onda tid då Gond i flamman' (Those were the days of evil when Gond in the flame)
43.Aniara (excerpts): Act 1, Scene 3: Chorus: 'Vi kom från Jorden, Doris Land' (We have come from Earth, land of Doris)
44.Aniara (excerpts): Act 1, Scene 3: Chorus: 'Do-Doris, Doris, Do-Doris…'
45.Aniara (excerpts): Act 2, Scene 3: Chefone & Chorus: 'Nu är den här, vår sköna gjutjärnstid…Goldondern Aniara' (Now they are here, our happy cast-iron days...The goldonda Aniara)
46.Aniara (excerpts): Act 2, Scene 3: Chorus: 'Vid är famnen, fjärran hamnen' (Wide the embrace, distant, haven's grace)
47.Lighten Mine Eyes
48.Fyra visor om årstiderna: I. Sommarro
49.Fyra visor om årstiderna: II. Hösten
50.Fyra visor om årstiderna: III. Vintervisa
51.Fyra visor om årstiderna: IV. Vårvisa
52.Hans und Grethe
53.Due cori su testi latini per coro misto e alcuni strumenti, Op. 24: I.
54.Due cori su testi latini per coro misto e alcuni strumenti, Op. 25: II.
55.Villarosa sarialdi
56.Tre gotländska visor: I. Dä stoudo tre töisar
57.Tre gotländska visor: II. Linda, min Linda
58.Tre gotländska visor: III. U töisi gick i änge
59.I Have a Dream
60.Sveriges flagga

CAP 80020 // Classical // Releasedate: 17 December, 2021