Casino Baumgarten

First Adress for audiophile vintage analog recordings or intimate showcases!
fabulous sounding hall - Studio in perfect conditions - WSW from 1963

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16 Channel WSW Tube Mixer with Germanium Outputstages
16x Tube Pre Amps
9x Line Amps
4x Master
16x Coil EQs
16x Direct Out
16x Switchthrough Inserts
3x M/S-Matrix
2x Stereo Monitor Section
Stereo Light Meters and Stereo VU Meters

14 Channel Studer 962

Tape Machines:
2x Studer C37 with ¼“ Mono and ¼“ Stereo Heads
2x Studer J37 with ½“ 3-Track, ½“ 4- Tracks and 1“ 4-Track Heads
1x Studer A62 with ¼“ Stereo Heads
1x Studer A80VU with ¼“ Stereo Heads
2x Dolby SR Spectral Recording
6x Dolby A

Digital Recorder:
iZ RADAR 6, 24 track-recorder

1x Fairchild 670 Stereo Limiter/Compressor
2x Fairchild 660 Mono Limiter/Compressor
2x WSW 601430S Germanium Limiter

7x Neumann M269 Large Diaphragm with Characteristic Remote
3x Neumann SM2 Stereo Small Diaphragm with Characteristic Remote
2x Schoeps M221B with MK240
6x AKG C28 with CK28
1x Sony 2-Channel Phantompower

5x Altec Lansing 604
2x Yamaha NS10M
4x WSW Tube Power Amps

2x EMT 140 Stereo Plate

1x Bösendorfer Imperial

37m² Control Room
264m² Recording Room, Ceiling 10m

participating in

  • Classical:NEXT 2013


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