Chamber Made

Chamber Made operates at the nexus of contemporary performance, music and sound to make intimate works that grapple with the themes of our times.

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Chamber Made is renowned for redefining artform boundaries and producing works that emerge from a deep collaborative dialogue across artform disciplines. Bringing contemporary composition and performance dramaturgy together in ever-shifting forms, our works have been presented in theatres, recital halls, lounge-rooms, galleries and online.

In addition to creating new works, Chamber Made is dedicated to making an enduring contribution to the broader Australian performing arts landscape. We create a locale for engagement, research, collaboration and innovation in cross-artform practice.

Chamber Made’s artistic team is led by Creative Director/CEO Tim Stitz and Artistic Director Tamara Saulwick, working in collaboration with a range of individual artists, organisations and communities. Chamber Made offers a provocation for musicians, composers, sound artists, theatre directors and performance-makers who wish to explore beyond the borders of their artform and, through collaboration, to deepen and re-imagine the possibilities of their practice.

The company has presented over 90 performance seasons in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, the United States and South America and has extensive experience working on national and international tours, co-productions and residences, both as host and as the company being hosted. The company’s most recent engagement was the collaborative new work 'Between 8 and 9 (Chengdu Teahouse Project)' with artists from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music (Castlemaine State Festival and Melbourne Recital Centre as part of Asia TOPA).



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