Chamber Orchestra "The Soloists of Russia"

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Yekaterinburg Chamber Orchestra was founded in May 1990. The orchestra's membership included finest musicians of Yekaterinburg, one of the largest Russian cultural centers located on the border between Europe and Asia.
During its history, the Orchestra has participated in more than 50 international festivals in Russia and Europe, UNESCO and UNICEF cultural events (in Russia and Italy), and has been on numerous concert tours in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Taiwan.
The orchestra has enjoyed collaborating with many Russian and foreign conductors, including M. Katz (France), L. Markiz (the Netherlands), S. Fridman (Switzerland), Jeroen Weierink (The Netherlands), D. Menye (Belgium), A. Skulsky (Russia), René Gulikers (The Netherlands), Dian Tchobanov (Bulgaria), Andrea Vitello (Italy).
The celebrity list of soloists performing with the Orchestra includes such stellar musicians as O. Dzaralli (flute, Italy), T. Sergeenya (piano, Germany), N. Storozhev (bass, France), R. Diaz (viola, the USA), M. Gantvarg (violin, St. Petersburg), V. Zhuk (violin, the Netherlands), Ivry Gitlis (violin, France), Graf Murzha (violin, Moscow), N. Petrov and M. Voskresensky (piano, Russia).
"Soloists of Russia" performs the rich tapestry of diverse chamber orchestral repertoire ranging from world masterpieces of classical music (Handel and Bach, Corelli and Vivaldi, Mozart and Haydn), Russian and foreign music of the 19th century to works of the 20th century (I. Stravinsky, D. Shostakovich, A. Schoenberg, S. Barber, D. Britten, V. Silvestrov, E. Denisov, B. Tchaikovsky, and Ural composers).
The Orchestra’s exclusive concerts are warmly welcomed by the audience; the most popular of them include arrangements for different orchestral instruments, jazz compositions, country music, and even masterpieces of rock culture: the program «Magic of the QUEEN» that won approval from the QUEEN RECORDS LTD; «Magic of the cherry blossom flower», «It's a mad mad world», «Tales from the Vienna woods», «Music and cinema», «The Aroma of tango».
The orchestra "Soloists of Russia" gives about 80 concerts a year, and makes recordings. It has radio/TV recordings.

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