Clarinet Factory

Clarinet Factory


album Worx and Reworx (Supraphon a.s., 2014), Music: Clarinet Factory, video: Jan Bubeníček (from the animated film Maják - CF music only)
  • Clarinet Factory - B-A-C-H
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  • country:Czechia
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Quartet
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:woodwind
  • artist posted by:Clarinet Factory


Considered to be one of the most unique ensembles to feature on the Czech scene in the last 25 years, the style of the Clarinet Factory hovers between contemporary and classical music, jazz and world music. As winners of the Classic Prague Awards in 2017 for Best Crossover Project, the quartet combines their classic music training and clarinet art with jazz, minimalism and improvisation to create their very own music without borders, capable of communicating directly with all audiences.

The Clarinet Factory also experiment with electronics, both ambient and dance-oriented, and the four musicians remain ever fascinated with the possibilities of their instrument, considering their work as a music laboratory. Regularly collaborating with symphonic ensembles, vocalists, performance artists, the quartet have written music for film, theatre, ballet and contemporary dance.

Clarinet Factory were already twice guests of Bobby McFerrin’s Prague concerts (2015 + 2009).


Clarinet Factory