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COMBO is a production agency based in Paris. We operate in the field of classical music in booking, administration, production and communication.

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COMBO is committed to projects devised and performed by classical musicians, their labels and their agents.

Guided both by our experienced ears and by our high standards, we commit ourselves to working with open-minded and curious artists, putting our own passion for music at their disposal whilst respecting their originality.

Whether our musicians are well-known or just starting out, our approach to administration, production, marketing and funding is strictly practical, cross-disciplinary and tailor-made to suit the needs of each artist.

Our clients are ensembles (Ensemble Diderot, Sirba Octet, Orchestre de chambre Pelléas, Les Forces Majeures), chamber music groups (Quatuor Ebène, Quatuor Akilone, I giardini), individual artists with special projects (Sonia Wieder Atherton), Agencies (Impresariat Simmenauer), recording labels (Audax Records, Label Herisson), Festivals (Festival Musique à la Ferme)

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