Crossover Artistic Association

Organization, which creates platform for interdisciplinary music events. Represents artists (The ThreeX, ReVerb), organizes Crossover Music Festival.

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Crossover Music Festival
Creates musical spot for events which crosses genres and styles. Invites vibrant international artists whose musical language combines dance, cabaret, recitation, or even circus and theatrical arts.

The ThreeX
Humor and virtuosity, with elements of circus arts and dance on two violins and a piano. The musical base consist of their own arrangements ranging from classical music, through tango and jazz, to film and entertainment music. Graduates of the Music University in Vienna, cooperating with musicians of such a groups like Mnozil Brass and Igudesman&Joo.

Reverb Ensemble
A group of string players who delivers the music in a holistic way to untypical spaces: museums, lofts, art galleries. They collaborate with artists from different art disciplines and countries, creating original artistic projects. Ensemble-resident of National Museum in Cracow in 2018.

participating in

  • Classical:NEXT 2019
  • Classical:NEXT 2018