Sonica - Sonic art for the visually minded

Mark Lyken, Oscillon Response
Robbie Thomson, XFRMR
Kathy Hinde, Tipping Point

Sonica is a programme dedicated to world-class visual sonic arts, presenting emerging British talent alongside exceptional international artists in collaboration with renowned co-producers and venues. Curated and produced by Cryptic, Glasgow, Sonica gives a UK platform to performances of exceptional and rarely seen work.

Sonica was launched in Glasgow in November 2012 at Tramway and has toured to Austria, Brazil, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Sweden and across the UK.

What the press said about Sonica 2016 (Kings Place, London):
The first Sonica outing at Kings Place garnered an impressive range of coverage building on Sonica’s growing reputation in Glasgow over the last three editions and existing relationships which translated into previews, features and reviews across a good mix of outlets, with a circulation in excess of 8 million.

“Multifaceted and thought-provoking… a fascinating festival.”
Aesthetica on Sonica

“Sonica… an experience like no other: a complete assault on the senses, which at times made for challenging listening and viewing, but always remained interesting and thought provoking”. The Cusp on Sonica

“A beautiful, meditative piece of work.”
Aesthetica on Kathy Hinde’s Tipping Point

“It’s like no sound I’ve ever heard before… one of the most arresting installations at Sonica.” Financial Times on Kathy Hinde’s Tipping Point

“Lu’s live-mixed footage showcased an eye for the sublimity and energy of industry… a highlight of the weekend.” Aesthetica on NORTH OF X’s (Sisi Lu) The Age of Digital Analogue

“The imagery here was powerful, and some moments – foremost among them a bright, twisting shot of the sea reflected upon itself – were genuinely breathtaking.” Aesthetica on Mark Lyken’s The Terrestrial Sea

"A surrealistic meditation on the way that different environments encroach on each other." Financial Times on Mark Lyken’s The Terrestrial Sea

“Bridging the technical and the spectacular, the popular and the arcane, and a fitting end to a fascinating festival.” Aesthetica on Robbie Thomson’s XFRMR

article posted by:Cathie Boyd, Cryptic