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Huayue Music Group
  • country:China
  • style(s):Chinese Classical
  • label:Cugate
  • type:Large Ensemble
  • gender:male, female
  • artist posted by:Cugate

王汉华 Wang Hanhua
Wang Hanhua is currently a member of Shanhia Jiannan Sizhu Association and serves in the Committee of Professional Bamboo Flute Musicians Association. Born in December 1945, Wong fell in love with sizhu music in his childhood. As a former performer of China Traditional Music Group, then chaired by the renowned Sizhu master Chen Chunling, Wong participated in the Group’s critically- acclaimed international concert tours. In 2007, he joined the Long Bridge Sizhu Music Group and performed in several domestic and international competitions, through which he was awarded gold medal in the amateur category. With Long Bridge, Wong appeared in CCTV’s ‘Fong Hua International’ program, and records various Sizhu albums.

Wang Hanhua was born in December, 1945. He loves Sizhu music since young age, has been the member of the famous Sizhu musician’s, Chen Chunling, China Traditional Group. He has visited Hong Kong with the group and received excellent critic. In 2006 he was with the Long Bridge Sizhu Band to perform at “Feng Hua Guo Yue” TV program with CCTV. He also participated several Sizhu music albums recording. Currently he is the member of Shanghai Jiangnan Sizhu Association and Musician Association Bamboo Flute Professional Committee member.

吴文 Wu Wen
Wu Wen is a member of Shanghai Musician Association, Shanghai Acrobatic Association, Music Association Shanghai Folk Orchestra Professional Committee Deputy Secretary and the Board, Shanghai Pipa Profession Committee and China Pipa Research Association.

He entered the Shanghai Song & Dance Theater in 1960, then in 1978 transferred to the Shanghai Acrobatic Troup, in which he served as performer, Director of Vocalists, composer, conductor, arranger and member of its arts committee. He toured several Asian and European countries, composed and arranged several repertoires, including ‘Embroidered Purse’,’Lake Wei’‘Flower Bed’, ‘Shacking Stairs’ and ‘Magic’. In 1973 he was invited to Turkey, where he made recordings of ‘Old Tricks’, ‘Headscarf of a young girl’ and other pieces.

Mr. Wu entered Shanghai Song & Dance Theatre in 1960, in 1978 he transferred to Shanghai Acrobatic Troup to be the performer, vocal chief, composer, conductor, music editor, and art committee member. He has visited England, France, Germany, Japan, Italy and Singapore and over 10 countries in Asia and Europe; also created and re-arranged the follow songs “Xiu He Bao” , “Wei Hu”, “Hua Tan”, “Huang Ti” and “Magic”. He recorded an album with songs such as “Gu Ji” and “Gu Niang De Tou Jin” in 1973 at Turkey.

张卫东 Zhang Weidong
Zhang is a second tier Erhu performer, a graduate of the Shanghai Music Conservatory, where he majored in traditional Chinese Music. He is known for his solid musical skill and the lyrical tone of his performance. Due to his outstanding academic merits, he was recruited by the Shanghai Chinese Opera Theatre, and participated several key productions and international tours, and received various awards. Wong is a respected Erhu teacher and has trained many first-class Erhu musicians. He retired in 2011.

黎灿:Li Chan
Li Chan specializes in guzheng and guquin. He is a member of the Ancient Melody of China orchestra. Li began studying both guquin and guzheng since the age of 13, and has made phenomenal progress as a performer of both instruments in ten-year time. She has performed in both Shanghai Concert Hall and the National Theatre of China. As a passionate educator of traditional Chinese music, Li founded the ‘Shanghai Xiaoyu Culture Media Studio’, and has collaborated with Shanghai’s education authority on several music education programs for students in remote areas and in southeastern Asian countries.

Li Chan is a Guzheng and Guqin musician, a member of Shanghai “Huayun Yuefu” Chinese folk music group. She started to learn Guzheng at age 13. Over 10 years, she kept making progress on Qin and Zheng performing. She has performed at Shanghai Orchestra Symphony Music Hall and China National Theatre, dedicated in disseminating Chinese traditional music. She also started a Shanghai Xiaoyou Culture Media Studio, has followed Shanghai Art and Education Committee to teach at Vietnam, Guizhou, Huna etc and remote areas.

曹元德 Cao Yunde
Cao’s achievement as an erhu master has earned him an entry in ‘Who’s Who in the World’, ‘China Expert Dictionary’ and ‘Eastar’.
During his forty-year musical career, Cao has developed his own unique performing style. As a composer and arranger, he has created numerous pieces for Erhu, dance scores and two operettas. Many of his works, which are available throughout China, have earned him prizes and medals in major competitions. Cao currently serves as Member of China Musician Association Shanghai Branch, China Musician Association Erhu Society Board, Shanghai Erhu Society Executive Board and as consultant to the Suzhou Folk Music Instrument Factory.

In 1984, his dance scores ‘Mushroom Picker’ received the Outstanding Composition Award from the Ministry of Culture in China. While serving in the Shanghai Folk Music Group, he participated the first and second International Jiangnan Sizhu Competition and was awarded for his excellent performance.
In 1994, he jointly performed with his brother Cao Yunlong and their students in a Shanghai Concert, which was received with raving reviews. In 1998, he was the recipient of the prestigious De Yi Shuang Xing award.
Cao Yunde is a reknown Erhu soloist, is a member of china Musician Association Shanghai Branch, China Musician Association-Erhu Society Board, Shanghai Erhu Society Executive Board, Suzhou Folk Music Instrument Manufactory consultant. Cao has been incorporated into “Who’s Who in the World”, “China Expert Dictionary” and “Eastar”. He has been with Shanghai Folk Music Group since 1987.
In his forty years performing life, Cao has formed his own style of Erhu playing. Over the years of his artistic career in the music, in addition to playing, but also the creation of a dozen first Erhu music and two small opera music and dance music. His Erhu creations “Min Jiang Xing” , “Xiang Wang”, “Shepherdess”, “Chun You Tai Hu”, “China- My Cradle” , “Happy Teenagers”, “Chun Yun” and “ Autumn Turpan” has received first and second awards and best Creation award. Most of his works have been published by China Music Publishing and shanghai Music Culture and Art Publishing.
His 1984 dance music “ Picking Mushroom” received the Best Music Creation Award from Ministry of Culture. During his time at Shanghai Folk Music Group, he participated first and second international Jiangnan Sizhu Competition and won first and second prizes.
In 1998 he received the “De Yi Shuang Xing” Award from Shanghai Musician Association. In 1994 with his brother Cao Yunlong hold an Erhu Eductional Result Concert and received raving reviews.

方志强 Fang Zhiqiang
Fang Zhiqiang, respecter Erhu master and co-founder of ‘Huayun Yuefu’, is also the coordinator of this recording. He has been the First Erhu of the Shanghai Folk Music Orchestra. Having studied under Erhu Master Zhou Hao, Fang has toured widely in Asia and Europe, and participated in the recording of several albums. In 1987, his solo performance in the First International Jiangnan Sizhu Competition earned him the First Prize in the professional category. His artistic attainment and exceptional control over Erhu gives him the ability to bring a wide range of characters and tonal qualities into his performance.

Fang Zhiqiang is a Erhu musician, is one of the founders of “Huayun Yuefu”, this album’s planner. He was the first Erhu player at Shanghai Folk Music Orchestra. He was under the tutelage of the famous Mr. Zhou Hao. He also performed in Europe, Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Participated in all kinds of recording album activities. In 1987 he participated the first International Jiangnan Sizhu competition and received the first prize of the solo performing. His profound artistic experience enables him in playing Jiangnan Sizhu, with a mellow, pure and strong, temper force with grace, fully and delightful unique characters.

彭瑜,Peng Yu
Peng Yu, MA (Percussion), PhD candidate in Musicology, is currently associate professor of Shanghai Music Conservatory, where she teaches music education and folk music percussion. She serves as executive director of Folk Music Percussionist Association and member of various domestic and international professional bodies. She has performed in arts festivals in Europe, US and Asia, and has taught in the USA and Germany.
Shanghai Music Conservatory teacher, Associate professor, master percussionist, PhD in musicology, Chinese Folk Music Percussionist Association executive director, Chinese Percussion Association director, member of the US Percussion Association, member of International Music Education Association, award winner of Huo Yingdong High School Young Teachers Foundation. She currently teaches music education and Chinese folk music percussion, also is the editor of Music Education Percussion Group and the director of Comprehensive Music Education. She has visited the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, the UK, USA, Brazil, South Korea and other countries and regions participated in the International Music Festival, Arts Festival. She was assigned as visit professor to the US Ivy League University, New England, Berkeley etc. was invited to held a series of lecture and Chinese percussion concert at Munich Music and Drama university and Cologne University. She was invited to attend ISME International Music Education Conference and the USA Orff AOSA music education lectures and performances.

王锡澄 Wang Xicheng
Wong fell in love with the traditional Chinese Music since a young age. As a Pipa master, he has held recitals in Shanghai Concert Hall, and recorded several highly-acclaimed albums in conjunction with other artists.
A fine arts graduate from the Shanghai Normal University, Wang has taught in high schools, and served as a folk music instructor in the Changning District Children’s Palace. He is currently Director of Huadong Children Folk Music Research Institute and Shanghai Pipa Institute. He has toured extensively both domestically and internationally.
Wong has dedicated years of his professional life in teaching children traditional Chinese Music. His pupils, many of them becoming students of Shanghai Music Conservatory and Drama School, flourish in competitions across all levels.
Mr. Wang was born in 1950, is Junior High School teacher, graduated from Shanghai Normal University Art Department. He loves to play Chinese folk music since he was child, specially focusing with Pipa playing skills and received a high artistic attainment. He has held the Pipa solo concert at Shanghai Music Hall and has published Folk Music ensemble collections via Shanghai Music Publishing, won the praise from the senior experts.
Originally he worked in the Changning District Children's Palace, employed as folk music instructor, also hold as Deputy Head and Art Director of Shanghai Student Art Folk Music First Group. Presently he is the Director of Huadong Children Folk Music Research Institute and Shanghai Pipa Institute.
As a senior children's folk music instructor, Wang Xicheng years of hard work, his students have won awards in all kinds of competitions, numbers of students were admitted to the Shanghai Music Conservatory. Shanghai Drama School and other institutes had organized several visits to perform in Japan.

阮弘 Ruan Hong
Ruan hong is Music Ph.D., Associate Professor of College of Humanities, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Ruan is National intangible cultural heritage "Jiangnan Sizhu" Project Shanghai representative successor. She is the member of International Traditional Music Society. The Director of Shanghai Folk Orchestra Association.
Associate Professor Ruan Hong (Ph D Music History and Musicology), an acclaimed Yangqin performer, began to train with Yangqin Master Zhou Hui in 1982. His passion for music led him to further studies in the Shanghai Normal University and Shanghai Music Conservatory, from the latter he completed a PhD in Music History in 2006.
Ruan has lectured and published widely on music psychology, music reception and education, and has edited and authored several monograms in these fields. She held her first recital in 1996, and produced a featured Sizhu album in 2002. Her bio is included ‘Twenty-Century Chinese Musician Magazine’. She has lectured at the Institute of Traditional Music (ICTM) and Hong Kong City University.
Ruan started learning Yangqin from 1982 with Sizhu musician Mr. Zhouhui. In 1992 she was admitted to Shanghai Normal University Music Department, received Master Degree in Music Education Literature; in 2003 admitted to Shanghai Music Conservatory PhD program in Modern Music History and received her Literature PhD degree in 2006.
In recent years, she has published more than ten articles and edited books as “ College Students Aesthetic Psychology” and “University Music Appreciation”, published : “Chinese Music and Metropolitan City” and translated “Jiangnan Sizhu in Shanghai”. She held her solo Yangqin concert in 1995; released her Yangqin album in 2002; featured in recording “Shu Qing Xiao Diao” and “Jiangnan Sizhu Eight Songs”. In 2007 she was included in “The Twenty Century China Musician Magazine”. She has been invited to lecture at the Institute of Traditional Music ICTM, City University of Hong Kong and other places.

陈国安 Chen Guoan
Chen began studying flute since childhood under the flute master Yu Yuefa. The training allowed him to become a performer in the Shanghai City Youth Arts Group, in which he has further perfected his performing skills and understanding of musical theory. He has studied with several flute masters, and currently serves as Deputy Director of Oriental Music Group.
Chen Guoan was born in 1959, loves Chinese folk music as child and studied flutes since he was kid and learned under the Flut Master, Mr. Yu Xun, later was admitted to Shanghai Youth Art Group become the flue performer, during this period his artistic and music appreciation were improved greatly. He served as the main flute performer of “ Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye” and “Mu Ming Xin Ge”, and hired as deputy director of Orient Chinese Music Group. In his artist career he has been guided by many master as: Chen Chunling, Zhan Yongming, Gao Hai, Kong Qingbao, Zhou Linsheng etc.

高海 Gao Hai
Flute Master Gao Hai is a co-founder of Yuayuan Yuefu. He has performed in Europe, America and various Asian countries. A graduate of Shanghai Folk Music Academy, Gao is known for his energetic and masculine tonal quality, a character of northern Chinese music style He is a former performer of the Shanghai Folk Music Group. He was awarded the First Prize in the First International Jiangnang Sizhu Competition. In 1992 his recital in Shanghai was a great success. Gao has made many high-quality recordings. Many of his students have given outstanding performances in in competitions and concerts of various scales.
Gao Hai is a famous flute player, was admitted to Shanghai Folk Music Academy and in 1963 entered Shanghai Chinese Music Troup. He is a member of Shanghai Musician Association, Board Director of Shanghai Music Association Flute Professional Committee and the founder of Huayuan Yuefu. He has visited European, America, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In his 50 years artist career, he is known to be good at playing Jiangnan Sizhu music, and can grasp the northern resounding and lively playing style.

陈新初 Chen Xinchu
is a graduate of Shanghai Folk Music Academy where he studied Banhu and Erhu with many masters. He joined the Shanghai Dance Academy in 1962, and taught dance music, which became his lifelong passion, and has led him, in 1973, to the Shanghai Music and Dance Group, in which he served as soloist and leading musician. In 1988 he pursued further studies in Tokyo, Japan. Chen migrated to Hungary in 1999, where he established ‘Heavenly Melody Inc and organised Chinese Music Group. In conjunction with the group he has delivered several highly-acclaimed concerts in Hungary.
Chen Xinchu: Member of Shanghai Musician Association, Director of Erhu Profession Committee. Chen was admitted to Shanghai Folk Music School at age 14, learned under Gao Jianjun, Zhou Hao, Qu Chunquan, Xiang Zhuying for Erhu and Banhu. In 1962 he entered Shanghai Dance School, engaged in teaching folk dance and music. In 1973 he was transferred to Shanghai Singing and Dancing Troup as soloist and lead player. In 1988 he went to study at Tokyo Art University in Japan. In 1991 he immigrated to Hungry and started Tianyun Co. organizing Hungarian Chinese Art Group performed in Hungry TV stations, embassies and recorded music, the performance received praise from all over Hungry.

许关龙 Xu Guanlong
Xu Guanlong, who has mastered in both Pipa and Xiao Sanzian, was admitted to the Shanghai Folk Music Group in 1955, and was received by national leaders the following year. A former pupil of Masters Xi Zongyue and Jin Youbo, he approaches performances with innovation and creativity, with which he has trained many Pipa players both domestically and internationally. He has participated more than three hundreds large-scale concerts since his retirement.
Xu Guanlong: He learned Pipa from Master Xi Zhongyue and Xiao Sanxian from Master Jin Youbo. He was admitted to Shanghai Folk Music Troup in 1955, the following year he was received by the national leaders. He has trained many Chinese and international famous pipa player for innovative way in playing skills and format. Since his retirement, he has participated over 300 big concerts.