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CutCommon is an online hub for young classical musicians, dedicated to showcasing new talent and groundbreaking work.

CutCommon aims to inspire and educate young talent entering the arts industry, and create a sense of community among its 10,000-strong monthly audience.

The independent publication features reviews and interviews written by young writer-musicians. It brings to light budding artists, and world class performers with knowledge to share. Some stories also explore the musical experiences of emerging Australian composers and performers who tour the world.

CutCommon was founded by Tasmanian classical saxophonist and arts journalist Stephanie Eslake, along with a small team of musicians including now-deputy editor Lucy Rash, a string performer and pioneer in music education.

CutCommon has launched a range of programs to support new talent in the classical music industry. Some highlights include:

- A digital music store for early to mid-career composers in Australia to sell their original scores and recordings
- Support and mentoring for emerging classical music writers through a Young Writer of the Year competition and associated Young Writers' Month
- A Skype Mentoring service to put young artist in touch with industry professionals
- A subscriber service which offers discounted tickets for young musicians to leading orchestras, ensembles, and other events across the nation
- An original line of manuscript books, made with recycled Australian paper and Biomass ink and supporting Landcare, for environmentally conscious musicians
- Mastering/production and copywriting services for musicians

What the nominator wrote:
CutCommon addresses a crisis in music coverage and criticism with a smart, flexible solution committed to diversity of voices, new talent and innovation and, above all, wider access to classical music. It has the potential to greatly enhance Australia’s eco-system of artists, media and audiences.

Some recent CutCommon achievements:

-In 2016, CutCommon was selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia and is archived by Pandora
- CutCommon’s founding editor Stephanie Eslake was named City of Hobart Australia Day 2017 Young Citizen of the Year for her “community contribution by creating an online promotional and educational network for young Australian classical musicians”
- CutCommon became a Friend of the Overland Literary Journal to team up with the publication for its 2016 Subscriberthon
- In 2015, CutCommon was named Classical Music Site of the Month for November in Limelight Magazine
- CutCommon has also been featured in Warp Magazine, Notable Values, Music Love, and Newsbeat (Australian Youth Orchestra’s print publication)
- In 2017, CutCommon Global series coordinator and in-house producer Christopher Leon, along with CutCommon editor Stephanie Eslake, are both selected as semi-finalists in the Tasmanian Young Achiever of the Year awards