Kayageum Trio Plays June-Hee Lim

Line up

  • Ji-Young Lee (Kayageum)
  • Suyoen Kim (Violin)
  • William Youn (Piano)
  • country:
    South Korea
  • style(s):
    • Korean
    • Classical Music
  • label:
    Sony Music Entertainment Korea Inc.
  • type:
    Small Ensemble
  • instrumentation:
  • artist submitted by:

June-Hee Lim is one of South Korea's most successful contemporary composers. Born in Seoul, she studied at the city's Yonsei University and later at Indiana University in the US. Her work has been performed at festivals all over the world and she has won several international composition prizes. Lim's work Dancing Sanjo will be performed here by the Kayageum Trio, an ensemble consisting of violin, piano and Kayageum, a traditional Korean instrument. Sanjo is a traditional type of Korean music based on the Pansori opera tradition. It combines a structured rhythmic base with an improvised solo part that is developed in turn by each instrument. The work is in six sections: the rhythmic theme introduced in first part is later developed in five variations, which emphasise the distinct characteristics of each instrument. The performance will combine the spirit of traditional Korean music with classical formats. Dancing Sanjo is the title track of June-Hee Lim's album on the Sony Classical label.


Kayageum Trio Plays June-Hee Lim


June-Hee LimJune-Hee LimJi-Young LeeSuyoen KimWilliam Youn



Dancing Sanjo

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