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Giacomo di Tollo is a pianist which music combines the love and the hate of Operatic Transcription at the piano.

During the XIX century (and beginning of XX century) a great number of melodies from the Italian Operas were transcribed for the piano. This included pieces from Rossini's Barbiere di Siviglia, Verdi's Rigoletto, Bellini's Norma, and many others. Numerous composers have attempted to convey this music to the piano: a few have survived (the likes of Liszt, Thalberg and Raff); but the majority have been completely forgotten. Giacomo di Tollo aims in providing a wide outlook on this art form, which in its day spread word wide to give households an authentic flavour of Italian Opera.

There is also another aspect of piano transcriptions of opera: they have been both loved and reviled for their attempts at reproducing the content of opera. Hated, indeed reviled, by Feinschmecker, who have regarded them as reduced bastardizations of great vocal and orchestral music: at the beginning of the XX century, Futurismo spread throughout Italy, and championed ideas associated with the modern world - progress, industrialization, speed - and saw the removal of Opera and Vocal Chamber music from the musical scene. This is just a sample to make the listener acquainted with the two opposite forces influencing the Italian musical scenes at that time, and about the post-futurism experiences associated with the Computer.


Giacomo di Tollo


Giacomo di Tollo at the mirror. Copyright: Luca PerenichGiacomo di Tollo, pianist. Copyright: Luca Perenich



Bellini: Casta DIva


Verdi: Mercé Dilette Amiche


Alfredo Casella: Deux constrastes

grazioso, antigrazioso

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