Classical CDs perfectly tagged with up to 18 fields of metadata


Based in Madrid, DigiBit Technology SL., is one of the European pioneers in the development of industry leading applications and systems for the digitalisation, storage and distribution of digital music within the home, a sector commonly known as Computer Audio. The company is operative since 2008, currently its proprietary products are sold in 40 countries in the 5 continents.

DigiBit has solved once and for all the endemic problem of properly tagging classical music in digital formats. After a significant effort and with the help of musicologists, we now have the most advanced and unique Classical Music Database in the world - SonataDB of classical CDs perfectly tagged with up to 18 fields of metadata information and with cover art. No other database provider can today match the quality, accuracy and quantity of perfectly tagged classical music with extended fields of information that recognises +95% of any typical classical collection. SonataDB is accessible from any aria music servers sold by the company.

Based in its unique SonataDB metadata database that incorporates rich metadata not available from any other supplier, tDigiBit will provide a free application (MusiBit App) and a web site that will allow music lovers to search and discover music by any criteria.

article posted by:Juan Perez, Digibit Technology