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We present you our newest music production, which has been recently premiered in Tbilisi, Georgia, and has not been presented in Europe yet.

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We invite you to discover the wonderful music of a great, yet largely forgotten Polish composer of the late 19th and early 20th century: Konstanty Gorski. Gorski was a man of many talents. He learned composition from Rimski-Korsakov in Saint Petersburg. He studied violin from two disciples of Niccolo Paganini, Kątski and Auer, and became a virtuoso himself. Later, when he lived in Tbilisi, he met Tchaikovsky. The famous Russian would say that nobody could play his violin concert in D major as well as Gorski. Alas, many of Gorski’s own compositions got lost during World War II. What has survived is a musical treasure. We invite you to discover it with three distinct programmes that show the fascinating and diverse features of an exceptional musical talent.

Our Gorski programmes include religious music (mezzo, organ, violin and mixed choir), chamber music (duo for violin and piano) and Polish songs for a mezzo and jazz piano, performed in jazz arrangements. They are performed by artists from Poland and Georgia: mezzosoprano Yoanna Ayers (Cracow and Tbilisi), organist Adam Tański, jazz pianist Kamil Urbański, concertmaster Lela Mtchedlidze, pianist Nino Jvania, and Tbilisi Choir "Baroque“. After the successful premiere of our programmes in Tbilisi last year, we want to share Gorski’s music with Europe.

Discover Gorski was initiated, developed and produced by Yoanna Ayers together with Association TAK!, an NGO based in Cracow, run by artists passionate about cross-cultural initiatives.

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Discover Gorski

We invite you to discover the wonderful music of...