Line up

  • Jelena Popržan (viola, jew's harp, vocals)
  • Rina Kaçinari (cello, vocals)


Jelena Poprzan (Serbia) and Rina Kacinari (Kosovo) based in Vienna, Austria, formed their Duo in 2009. Their amazing stage-appearance is intense and at the same time full of humor. With just two string instruments and voices you get a one great surprising groove mixed with a wide repertoire from self composed and classical tunes, Balkan and Schottish folk, free improvisations to the songs of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht.

Wide experience with other artists from different genres:
- Rina Kacinari > with the tango quartet Mala Junta, the Slovenian band Terrafolk, with the Uli Drechsler Cello Quartet, the singer Natasa Mirkovic De Ro etc.
- Jelena Poprzan > with her Trio Sormeh and her quartet Poprzan/Jokic/Neuner/Petrova

- Austrian World Music Adwancement Award 2011 to recognise and encourage new exceptional talent.
- PASTICCIO ALBUM AWARD june 2012 by radio Oe1/ORF and the daily newspapter DER STANDARD
- Furthermore part of THE NEW AUSTRIAN SOUND OF MUSIC, a support program by the Austrian Ministries of Culture and of Foreign Affairs, whereby the selected musicians, who are presenting the variety of what is Austrian culture abroad, get tour support.
- Fraunhofer Folksmusikpreis, Munich 2013
- Ernst Krenek Preis 2009 for Jelena Poprzan