(c) Julia Wesely
(c) Maria Frodl
(c) Silvia Hauptmann
(c) Maria Frodl


Composition of Ayac Iuan Jimenez-Salvador, Trad.


A 20 Min recording of their performance in Thun / Trade Fair
  • country:Austria
  • style(s):Traditional, Crossover
  • label:col legno
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, woodwind, brass
  • artist submitted by:diverted music

Line up

  • Ayac Jimenez-Salvador (trp, flgh, voc)
  • Frederic Alvarado-Dupuy (cl, voc)
  • Matthias Werner (trb, voc)
  • Philip Haas (trp, flgh, voc)
  • Roland Eitzinger (tb, voc)
  • Simon Zöchbauer (trp, flgh, zit, voc)
  • Thomas Winalek (trb, btrp, voc)


Creativity, spontaneity and fun are the prime ingredients of the compositions, arrangements and performance of the Austrian brass and woodwind ensemble FEDERSPIEL.

In 2005 seven young musicians, all students of the university for music and performing arts Vienna/conservatoire Vienna became the ensemble FEDERSPIEL.

Folk music from Austria, its neighboring countries and beyond is the basis of their live performance and recorded works. Compositions of the musicians themselves are the core of their repertoire. By producing great melodies and improvisation alongside great musicianship FEDERSPIEL have their own unique sound – always with a shot of humor and never taking themselves too seriously , though without a doubt the music speaks for itself , simply great!

Review: „(…) Played with great passion and much enjoyment playing old traditional forms and used to completely leave behind stylistic borders. For “Federspiel” there are no dogmatic bottlenecks and no creative fear of the new. Mariachi, Mazurka, military marches, Csárdás, Volksweise folk dance melding with intriguing brass arrangements and sounds, that will still shine bright in twenty, thirty years, just as it does today. (…) Seldom if ever brass-music came across so elegantly, easygoing and tolerant as on this CD. Master class.”
(Klaus Halama, sound & image, CD review of the album”unerhört BUMM!”)