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Since 5 years artists agency Els & the Artists is turning artists ideas into reality.

Revue Blanche has a unusual and colourful combination of soprano, viola, harp and flute. Apart from chamber music, they also produce multidisciplinary programs fusing visual arts, film, literature and electronic music. This leads to a unique way of experiencing various artistic tendencies of our musical heritage.

Trio Khaldei brings together three musicians with a passion for the unique sonority of the piano trio. Trio Khaldei likes to bring together music from times past and present in its programs, introducing the public to music by lesser-known and Belgian composers as well as the great masters.

Sofie Vanden Eynde has gained an international reputation as a specialist in historical plucked instruments.
In 2012, Sofie set up IMAGO MUNDI, an ensemble which aims to foster encounters between different branches of the arts and kinds of music: eastern and western, old and new.
In ‘In My End is My Beginning’ IMAGO MUNDI challenges fixed recital formats by blending the live performance of early and not so early music with video and electronics, fused in a downward spiralling stage dynamic, dedicated to ill-fated renaissance queen Mary Stuart.
Classical:NEXT 19 Project Pitch - 16 May 2019 - 14:00 - 15:15 - Willem Burger Zaal (third floor), de Doelen

The members of Les Abbagliati are convinced that finding new elements and angles is the core of early music. Their programs - featuring 17th and 18th century music - combine well-known masterworks as well as little pearls of forgotten composers. They often join forces with dancers or singers who have learnt the art of baroque gesture for a refreshing approach of history.

Other artists :
Duo Jolente De Maeyer & Nikolaas Kende (Belgium only)
Romina Lischka (viola da gamba) & Hathor Consort (Benelux only)

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