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Martin Frink, delegate at CN 2020 represents this exciting group. Martin works as Manager & Agent for these fabulous musicians, who are based in Doha, Düsseldorf and Barcelona!

At CN 2020, Martin will be searching for new cooperation partners, promoters, venues and orchestras who are interested in supporting Emociòn.

Do not hesitate to speak to him via mail, phone or personally.

„Emoción is a vibrant and unique multi-national act, comprised of 5 world-class musicians.

A classically trained instrumental quartet hailing from Germany, Belgium, Peru, and Venezuela and a French-Lebanese jazz vocalist, Emoción is not your typical fusion music ensemble. The quintet - who met in Qatar in 2008 - seem to have lived a few musical lives before embarking on a personal journey where they blend their classical influences, chanson, tango, jazz and Middle Eastern mystery and rhythms.

When not performing with the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, Joris Laenen (piano, trumpet, arrangements), Christoph Schmitz (cello), Patrizia Portz (violin) and Ferdinand Schaefer (percussions) get together with seasoned vocalist Sevine Abi Aad and they become Emoción.

The quintet wear their name well as they invite you to experience a whirlwind of emotional states through a rich multilingual repertoire and a signature sound that was shaped by the band’s multi-instrumental skills on one hand and the use of atypical instruments which aren't usually associated with Latin American or classical music.

Underneath the classical rigor of their training hide their passionate alter egos who will lure you in with presence, charisma, charm, sass and musicianship. From Qatar to New York, classical roots, jazz to traditional and contemporary Latin rhythms, Emoción’s repertoire mesmerizes audiences, keeping them longing for more - think tangos, milongas, rhythmic oriental pieces, French chanson, theatrics and South American folklore. Their versatile performances blend live instruments, video art projections and sometimes, the odd poetry reading, to bring that passion to a reflective state.

The band has recently elaborated a tailored show aimed at a young audience, helping them discover the joys and power of music through storytelling, exuberant characters and a fun-filled fairytale-like show that never fails to keep them engaged and inspired.“

article posted by:Martin Frink, Emocion