• artist:Ensemble Dialogos
  • event type:Concert
  • date:07 Jul 2018
  • time:19:30
  • city/area:Halmstad
  • venue:Halmstad Theater
  • country:Sweden
  • style(s):Vocal, Early Music
  • event posted by:Ensemble Dialogos

« Judith »
1 singer, 2 musicians
Staged and subtitled programme

Using tradition as a source of inspiration, Katarina Livljanić brings into life the tragedy of Judith from the epic poem of Marko Marulić, famous writer and humanist of the Croatian Renaissance. Judith, Holofernes, and the demons that inhabit their respective minds, are interpreted by a female voice that continually disguise, play and sing several characters, accompanied by traditional instruments of the Balkans.

Video : http://www.ensemble-dialogos.org/en/programmes-en/judith
Press : http://www.ensemble-dialogos.org/en/press/judith