• artist:Ensemble Dialogos
  • event type:Concert
  • date:17 Jan 2019
  • time:19:00
  • city/area:Londres
  • venue:British Library
  • country:United Kingdom
  • style(s):Vocal, Early Music
  • event posted by:Ensemble Dialogos

« Swithun! One Saint, three Furies and a thousand miracles from Winchester around 1000»
4 singers
Semi-staged and subtitled programme

A penitent man is trying to escape from three raging Furies, wild like wolves. He is haunted by his visionnary and terrifying dreams but he finally find salvation from Swithun. The miracles of Saint Swithun, who was a sort of Anglo-Saxon medieval Superman, are celebrated in the beautiful Narratio metrica of S. Swithuno written by Wulfstan, a famous cantor at Winchester cathedral. Dialogos proposes a programme in which the rich polyphonic tradition from the Winchester Troper dialogues with virtuosic improvisations. In this initiatory and tender story, dreams and fantasies build a liberating and exhilarating musical path.

Video: http://www.ensemble-dialogos.org/en/programmes-en/swithun
Press: http://www.ensemble-dialogos.org/en/press/swithun