« Baarlam & Josaphat, a christianized version of the life of Buddha »
1 singer, 2 musicians
Staged and subtitled programme

The legend of Baarlam & Josaphat, based on one of the most popular medieval legends, tells the initiatory journey of the young prince of India, Josaphat, and his encounter with the Christian hermit Baarlam. This story, whose source is the life of Buddha, crossed Asia and arrived in Europe in the Middle Ages where it was christianized and translated into a multitude of languages. Returned to Asia in the 16th century with the Jesuits, it served to convert the Buddhists to Christianity. Katarina Livljanić will perform this story in seven different languages accompanied by two instrumentalists.

Audio and video: on demand by wetransfer
Press : http://www.ensemble-dialogos.org/en/press/baarlam-and-josaphat